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39 Unique Fun Coffee Gift Card Ideas to Make

Inside: Delight your friends, family, coworkers, and teachers with these 39 unique fun coffee gift card ideas to make … for every occasion.

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My best friend is the hardest person to buy for because she has everything. She loves candles … but how many candles does one person need?

I bet you have a friend like this too … they have everything. Or they can (and do) buy anything they want.

What are you supposed to get them for a gift that they:

  1. Don't already have, or
  2. Want and don't buy for themselves?

The one gift idea everyone can use:

Everybody can use a coffee shop gift card. If they don't drink coffee they can order pastries, tea, snacks, and even cute tumblers and mugs at most popular coffee shops.

As much as I love giving gift cards as gifts, they’re rarely exciting to give or receive. Coffee shops will include a free “holder” for gifting your gift card … how can I put this lightly?

A gift card in a sad brown folder is boring.

I knew there had to be a better way, a clever way, to give coffee gift cards as gifts.

I knew I wasn't the only person looking for creative coffee gift card ideas … so I found all the ways and rounded them up in one convenient list below just for you … and me too.

Make your coffee gift card experience exciting and unique with one of these 39 best ways to give coffee gift cards:

collage graphic of coffee gift card ideas

Why Coffee Gift Cards are Popular Gift Ideas

Coffee gift cards are:

  • Budget-friendly: starting at $5 and up, coffee gift cards fit every budget
  • Easy to personalize: customize coffee gift cards with designs for every occasion
  • Fun to give: get creative with the packaging of the coffee gift card to really make your gift special

A recent study from Forbes reported that 1 in 6 Americans received a Starbucks gift card during the holiday season. How many of those weren’t given thoughtfully and creatively?

We've all been guilty of giving basic gift cards in a basic way.

Since it sounds like everyone's giving coffee gift cards for gifts these days, it’s even more essential to make your gift stand out by giving it in a fun, unique way.

Worried about your budget? Get my money-saving tips on how to get gift cards cheap or free!

Ready? Let's get massively inspired by these creative ways to give coffee gift cards:

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Coffee Gift Card Ideas and Printables

Express your gratitude with these adorable “Thanks-a-latte” gift card ideas.

Choose a “thank you” themed gift card and then use one of these ideas to make it even more memorable for the recipient:

Coffee Gift Card Ideas For Teachers

All of my kids' teachers Love a good coffee gift card as a gift. At the end of every school year, they receive piles of Starbuck's gift cards. Boring piles of basic gift cards. A nice thought but easily forgettable.

Show off your kids' creativity by making one of these unique gift ideas for your child's teacher:

Collage of 6 teacher appreciation gift ideas using coffee gift cards

Teacher Appreciation Gift Card Ideas

Show appreciation for your teacher with these coffee gift card ideas:

Collage of 4 printables for teacher thank you gifts with coffee gift cards

“Thank You” Coffee Gift Card Ideas for Teachers

Better than a simple “thank you” card, these coffee gift card ideas will impress every teacher:

Need a graduation gift? Check out these 25+ Graduation Money Gift Ideas.

Collage of 6 papercrafts for giving coffee gift crads

Coffee Gift Card Papercrafts

Handmade cards are an extra special gift on their own … try on one of these papercrafts you can make at home to give your coffee gift card in style:

Wanna make a greeting card using clear or rubber stamps to make your own designs? Check out these cute stamp sets you can get now:

collage of 4+ creative ways to give coffee gift cards for Christmas

Creative Ways To Give A Coffee Gift Card for Christmas

Need a hostess gift, or a birthday treat for a co-worker during the holidays? These adorable coffee gift card ideas will warm hearts and hands during the holidays:

collage of 4 coffee gift card holders to make

Say “Thank You” with These Coffee Gift Card Ideas:

Express your “thanks” in a clever way with these DIY ways to wrap gift cards:

Looking for even more ways to give gift cards?

Check out these 120 Creative Ways To Give Cash Or Gift Cards

collage of 4 coffee mug and gift card ideas

Coffee Gift Card in a Mug Ideas

Wrap your gift card in a cute mug, tumbler, or cup from their favorite coffee shop.

Need a cute mug that no one else has?

Check out these cute and sassy coffee mugs … order now and get most by tomorrow!

collage of coffee mug shaped gift card ideas

Coffee Mug-Shaped DIY Gift Card Ideas

It's no surprise what's inside when you give one of these delightful coffee mug shaped gift card holders that will surely make them smile:

Who are you giving coffee gift cards to? Let me know in the comments!

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