Updated January 17, 2024.

Website Policies

Terms & Conditions of Use:

These Terms and Conditions of Use apply to you when you view, access, or otherwise use the website located at SmartFunDIY.com. This website is a website owned by Smart Creative LLC. We grant you a non-exclusive non-transferable, limited right to access, use, and display the website and the materials provided hereon, provided that you comply fully with these Terms and Conditions of Use.


All content was originally posted at Smart Fun DIY. All text and content is our property and is rights protected. We can change, replace, or remove any content, comments or images without notice at our discretion. Any and all text duplication is strictly prohibited without express written permission. You may link back to this website and are free to discuss it in a respectful manner. We are not responsible for republished content used without our permission. Recipe sharing requires a re-writing of instructions in your own words. Use of our exact instruction wording constitutes a copyright violation. It also results in search engine penalties for both sites.

Abbreviated recipes with a link back, like the ones commonly used by scrapers, are not permitted uses of our material. Sites choosing to use Smart Fun DIY content in this manner will have a DMCA filed against them immediately.


All photos were taken by one of us unless otherwise specified. The photos on Smart Fun DIY are our property and are rights protected. A single photo per post may be used in roundup posts by other websites provided credit is given to Smart Fun DIY and a link back to the Smart Fun DIY’s post is used with such photo. This only applies to photos owned by us. Any photos that have a copyright notice to any other website or photo deposit such as in roundup articles are NOT transferrable. All other uses of all images on this website require express written permission and credit must be given to Smart Fun DIY along with a link back. Failure to link back and credit SmartFunDIY.com as the source of the photo constitutes a copyright violation.

Photos may not be edited, changed, or cropped in any way if written permission for use and changes is not given. An exception to this is given to websites using Smart Fun DIY photos in round-up posts

Images designed by Smart Fun DIY, and its authors, VAs, and others are compensated for such work, and Pinterest pins may not be used as photos to represent any part of our content that has been stolen or scraped and listed on another website. Legitimate websites may use these images under the terms listed in the paragraphs above.

Please reach out to Jennifer at Handmade@smartfundiy.com to obtain permission for any and all photo use that does not meet the permissions already granted above. Once permission for use is obtained, failure to link back and credit SmartFunDIY.com as the source of the photo constitutes a copyright violation.


If you see a recipe or craft here that you would like to use, we would love to share it. All we ask is that you give us credit and a link back to the original post. That being said, we love sharing recipes and crafts, but we do not condone, nor do we agree with plagiarism or photo use not following the terms listed above.

Plagiarism is not only rude, but it will also result in Google duplicate content penalties for both sites.  Just write it in your own words, please.


Smart Fun DIY Editorial Policy: 

This editorial policy was created to promote and uphold high standards of journalism and professionalism.

Accuracy and Credibility:

To ensure accuracy in all our content, we fact-check and verify information from reliable sources.

We value balance and fairness, and present multiple perspectives when applicable.

We distinguish between reporting and opinion pieces.

Editorial Independence:

Advertisers, stakeholders, or external parties do not influence our content. We provide a clear disclosure if an article has been created or sponsored by a third party.

Originality and Plagiarism:

We respect intellectual property rights and observe copyright laws.

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and we check regularly to ensure the originality of our content.

Ethics and Privacy:

Our articles and opinion pieces do not violate individuals’ privacy, promote hate speech, or engage in discrimination of any type.


Our ownership, affiliations, and any potential conflicts of interest are public record.

We acknowledge and correct inaccuracies and/or errors in our content.

User Engagement:

We strive to foster a respectful community through feedback forms, article comments, and social media accounts. Reader input is welcome and encouraged.

Diversity and Inclusion:

At Smart Fun DIY, we value diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We encourage equity and inclusivity within our organization.

Editorial Opinions and Accountability:

As said previously. The views and opinions expressed by our writers do not necessarily reflect those of Smart Fun DIY. While we may not always agree with everything our writers say, we believe they have the right to express themselves.

Our editorial teams are responsible for reviewing and fact-checking all content before publication.


At Smart Fun DIY, our writers, editors, and other employees will use AI as an added resource. We use this technology as a reference resource only. We value the human touch when it comes to creativity. That said, our writers and editors will never use AI as a substitute for insight and talent. 

How We May Use AI:

Inspiring ideas, topics, descriptions, and headlines.

Targeting content for audiences and occasions.

Formatting posts and outlines

Information summarization

Initial drafts

Answers for reader inquiries

Email templates

Repurposing Content

Grammarly for spelling, phrase construction, and of course, grammar.

How We Don’t Use AI:

Complete articles or full paragraphs. We use AI as a tool and an assistant, not as an author or editor.

We only use licensed images, or images created in our own studio and are not sourced through AI.

There is no substitute for research. Smart Fun DIY does not trust this to AI.

AI and Privacy:

We never insert sensitive information such as addresses, names, or any other contact information.

This prevents any AI program from storing it and sharing these details inappropriately.

Policy Updates:

AI is evolving quickly. Our policies and guidelines will be updated as this technology advances.