Paleo Olive Oil Mayonnaise

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  1. 1 cup of paleo-friendly oil (Cold-Pressed Olive Oil, Avocado Oil or other liquid oil)
  2. 1 whole egg (organic)
  3. 1 egg yolk (organic)
  4. Juice from 1/2 lemon or lime (about 2 tsp if using juice and not whole fruit)
  5. Dash of Salt


  1. Place the egg and egg yolk in a tall, narrow glass or container. Add oil, lemon juice, and salt. Let set for a minute. Submerge an immersion blender into the glass until it touches the bottom and blend until the mayonnaise starts to stiffen. While the blender is still on, move it upwards to blend any oil sitting on top of the mixture. Refrigerate immediately. It lasts for about a week.


  1. You can add chili powder or other spices to make flavored mayos. Please note that using raw eggs may be dangerous to your health – research this with your doctor before consuming raw eggs.