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Felt DIY Placemats, Coasters, and Napkin Rings in Under 15 Minutes – #CraftLightning Holiday Edition

I have been shopping for placemats for MONTHS. Seriously. I can't wrap my head around paying $10 for a placemat that will just get crusty with ketchup and that I can't wash. So when this month's Craft Lightning was all about the holidays, I knew I was going to make my own placemats. Since this had to be a fast craft, I wanted it to be no sew. And, placemats need friends so I decided to go for three projects: placemats + coasters + napkin rings. All no-sew, these felt DIY placemats, coasters, and napkin rings can be made in under 15 miunutes. BAM.


Making the best placemat ever

Placemats in my house get dirty. I need placemats that are easy to wash and easy to make. I opted for felt. Felt is washable and you don't have to sew or hem it. Once I chose the felt and colors, it was a natural choice to use felt for the coasters and napkin rings as well.


I  was inspired to make the napkin rings by an article in the most recent Better Homes & Gardens where they make similar napkin rings from felt. The coasters are just miniature versions of the placemats. Why redesign? LOL

How to make your own place mats with felt:

I made the place mats, coasters, and napkin rings using felt to compliment the items I already had. Here's how:

These placemats, coasters, and napkin rings are textural elements on this colorful holiday table! I'll be sharing more about how I put together this multi-cultural Christmas table soon.


Here are all the things I used to make these place mats:


  • 12 x 18 Kunin Eco-Fi Felt – one per placemat
  • 9 x 12 Kunin Eco-Fi Felt – two sheets, each in a different color = 6 napkin rings
  • 9 x 12 Kunin Eco-Fi Felt – one sheet = 4 coasters
  • Foam & Felt Tacky Glue – ilovetocreate
  • Assorted Trim
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Needle

I'm super happy with how this table turned out with my fast and easy holiday decor. No sewing necessary! What's your best fast holiday craft? Would you make these?

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