How to pack a suitcase like a pro

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Last month I traveled more in 30 days than I did all of last year. On October 31, 2016, I stepped off a plane at LAX, marking the end of my 12th flight for the month as I returned home from Jamaica. I'm not gonna front like I am a travel pro but I sure feel like I learned a lot during this month of traveling. I'm a serial overpacker. I want to be super comfortable when traveling and I never know what clothes are going to fit the most comfortably so I pack way too much. When in Jamaica last month, we realized we could have made the trip with just one suitcase for a week's worth of clothes for my husband and I. The trick is to use EzPacking Cubes to pack a suitcase like a pro!


In the past I've tried modular packing systems for my suitcases and they never worked quite right – they ripped or they were just really squishy and flimsy so everything kind of shifted in my suitcase when I got to where I was going. So when EzPacking first wrote to me about using their product, I was like, “Sure thing, I'll put it to the test!” I was skeptical but after learning that the product was created by a mom who had the same packing issues as me (flimsy packing bags, messy suitcases, and so on), I knew I had to try them. I went to Atlanta, Gatlinburg in Tennessee, Phoenix, Orlando, and Jamaica all in the course of one month and I used EzPacking cubes for every single trip. I REALLY put these EzPacking cubes to the test. And they surprised me!


I was super impressed with how EzPacking cubes performed. Seriously, you need these before your next trip!

EzPacking was born when the mother of mother-son team Monica and Salo could not find a great way to get her daughter packed for a long trip. She created EzPacking in response, as a way to help people stay organized on trips. Now, EzPacking has expanded beyond the suitcase  – you can use these cubes to organize your drawers, craft supplies, kids toys, toiletries in the bathroom, and so much more. When I learned about their story, I was even more excited to try the product!

Learn more about EzPacking here:

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I know these EzPacking cubes will change the way you pack to travel. And seriously, I am looking for ways to use these for all of my craft supplies. But that's another post. Let's see how EzPacking can make even the most exciting jet-setting travel even easier.

6 ways to pack a suitcase like a pro:

(even if you aren't a travel pro)…

Easily deal with overweight baggage

I have nightmares about overweight baggage. If you have ever had to open up your suitcase in front of the airline ticket counter to rearrange your overweight suitcase, you know how traumatic and inconvenient that can be. Don't be the person with the messy, open overweight suitcase with their underwear hanging out! EzPacking cubes make it super easy to just pull out one or two cubes from your overweight bag and move them to another bag. No one needs to know that you wear granny panties… or thongs. Let's keep our underwear in the bedroom and in the suitcase, not on the airport floor!


You really can carry it all on the plane

When I went to Phoenix, I got to the airport so late that I barely made it on the plane. There was no time to check my bags. I tossed my toiletry bag back into the car since I knew none of it was the right size for traveling with TSA (a quick Target run for toiletries after landing in Phoenix solved that problem…). And then I rearranged the stuff in my bags so that I only had one small suitcase I could take as my carry-on. I actually took one of the EzPacking cubes out of my suitcase and slid it into my rolling laptop bag! Just in case I had to gate check that carry-on, I knew I'd have clothes to wear on the trip because I put that EzPacking cube in my rolling bag. And it totally fit, just like a laptop! A full Ezpacking cube is about three times the thickness of my laptop but if you have a rolling laptop bag like this Samsonite one I have, it should fit in the larger slot behind your laptop. I'm all about carrying fewer bags and this is a great way to pack light for an overnight trip but not have your clothes just rolling around in with your business tools in a laptop bag.

His and Hers

The Complete Bundle comes in your choice of two colors. We chose the turquoise blue and gray set – my cubes are in turquoise and Xaver's are in gray. This made packing really easy and helped us to stay organized while on the trip. It also made unpacking super easy!


Just pop open the suitcase and you can see which clothes belong to which person easily. I'm thinking about picking up a second Complete Bundle so each of the kids will their own cubes in a specific color, making staying organized on family trips even easier.

The Complete Bundle is perfect for packing a standard checked bag. It includes cubes for the entire suitcase and all of EzPacking's accessories (plus it's sold at a built-in discount!). If you're looking to pack a carry on suitcase, go with the Starter Set and a few of the accessories.

Keep your stuff safe … from exploding sunscreen

When we opened our suitcase in Jamaica, we discovered the a bottle of sunscreen had exploded. Luckily, it was in a cube of it's own. The EzPacking cubes are mostly made from plastic so they resist water and liquids. Our clothes were kept safe because the cube kept the exploded sunscreen contained. If the sunscreen had been loose in the bag, then our clothes would have been protected inside of the cubes. Sure, you can get laundry done while on a trip but seriously, nobody wants to do that. EzPacking saved us valuable hours that we could now use to relax on the beach, drinking flaming Bob Marleys. Okay, we didn't drink those but you get the idea.


Bring on the TSA inspections

Twelve flights and I'd expect at least one to get inspected by TSA. The EzPacking cubes kept all of my stuff together inside of my suitcase so that when the TSA opened it up, all of my stuff stayed inside. While in Jamaica, we bought our limit in rum and also bought a bunch of ceramics from local handmade artists. We carefully wrapped these in our clothes and then put them inside the EzPacking cubes. Since every piece was contained in a cube, nothing was broken when we got home.



The cubes kept the goods secure, even when the TSA opened our bags. That could have been a disaster – can you imagine a rum bottle rolling out of our bags?! Luckily, I have enough rum now to last like 10 years. Come on over, let's have a party! LOL

Our suitcase, well it was not so luckily. In Jamiaca, the baggage handlers broke the wheel off the bottom! Luckily, all of our goodies inside were just fine because of EzPacking cubes.


If you love Kon Mari folding…

It just so happens that EzPacking cubes are perfect for Kon Mari folding! I used Kon Mari folding to get all of my pants into one EzPacking cube and all of my shirts into another for the Jamaica/Orlando trip. We had 8 days's worth of clothes in just two cubes! Well, I had my underwear and swimsuits in two other cubes… but anyways! The stiff but flexible sides of the ExPacking cubes made it easy to pack my nice Kon Mari folded clothes, which made choosing outfits even easier since I could see all of my clothing choices at a glance.

An added bonus is that the cubes can all fit in one another for easy storing when you're not using them. But I'm keeping mine out because we already have another trip planned! We're going to be glamping in San Diego this month and I totally plan to use my EzPacking cubes to keep the whole family organized on the 3 day trip. We can split the cubes among all of us to fit all the things in one suitcase since it's a short trip.

Where will you take EzPacking cubes?

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