“Batteries Not Included” – Be Prepared on Christmas Morning!

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This year, the top items on our Christmas lists require batteries. If you've ever had to yank batteries out of the wall clock, wireless computer mouse, or remote control so your kid can play with their new toy on Christmas morning, then you know how terrifying seeing a surprise “batteries not included” on the toy's box can be! You're not alone; 44% of people have done the same. This year, I don't want to get caught unprepared on Christmas morning. That's why we're stocking up on Energizer MAX® batteries! Forgetting to buy batteries is the most common holiday mishap among parents.

Get ahead of any Christmas morning trips to the store by choosing Energizer® batteries for all of the gadgets on your holiday wish lists. Also, most stores are closed on Christmas Day … ever had to buy gas station batteries? Been there …. let's not do that again this year! LOL Check out this infographic to see where you fall in the “batteries not included” spectrum:

We use Energizer and Energizer MAX® batteries in our house because, with the latest improvements, Energizer MAX® AA batteries now last up to 30 percent longer than previous Energizer MAX® AA batteries in digital cameras. Remember that one time you didn't have enough juice in the batteries for the digital camera?! Gah! With Energizer MAX® AA batteries that won't be a problem.

This fall, I deep-cleaned my son's room in preparation for the new toys coming in this Christmas. I found an old remote control car with crusty oozy batteries in the controller's battery compartment. Unfortunately, I hadn't put the batteries in the car – it was a gift from someone else with generic batteries in it, that had oozed and ruined the car. Good thing for our future toys that Energizer MAX® AA and AAA batteries are designed to protect devices and toys from damaging leaks for up to two years after the battery is fully used. PLUS, Energizer MAX® AA and AAA batteries hold power for up to 10 years while in storage! If we had used Energizer MAX® AA batteries, we might have still been able to salvage that remote control car and even play with it now, years later.

And here's another thing about buying remote control cars. We bought this giant monster last year and were all excited because it plugs in to the wall to charge. Well, we didn't know (and the box didn't say) that the CONTROLLER needed AAA batteries! So here we are, Christmas morning with a fully charged car and no batteries to power the controller to operate it!

Let's not do that again this year.

Looking for a great deal to stock up on batteries for the holidays? Participate in any of Energizer’s holiday promotions depending on where you like to shop and what types of batteries you need to purchase for everyone on your shopping list.

Visit Energizer® here to learn more:

What's your holiday battery story? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. lol! Nothing worse than not having the batteries to operate those toys that kids have been waiting so long for! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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