6 Da Struggle survival strategies that hipsters made cool. Sort of.

The struggle is real. But hipsters are now taking “da struggle” life hacks and trying to make them cool. From potato tacos to drinking out of mason jars, everything frugal is now gourmet. Those of us who have been through the struggle, there's no amount of elevating a potato taco when the taste reminds you of harder days. Or does the crema and sprinkle of cilantro make all the difference? Here are 6 survival strategies from da struggle that hipsters have appropriated as their own. *sigh*

Da Struggle Strategies Taken by Hipsters (1)

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  1. Hahahaha. HA! Was enticed to read & know about your 6 “foods”!!! Figured it was all an APRIL FOOL’S joke! Clever — potato taco!! Thanks for sharing!

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