30+ Hilarious Craft Memes!

Get ready to laugh your socks off! These memes were all made by crafters, for crafters and guaranteed to bring an Art Bin full of laughs and then some!

There's a meme here for you if:

  • You love crafting
  • You love shopping for craft supplies
  • You love Pinterest

Today I'm sharing with you 32 favorite funny silly crafty quote and memes that we all can relate to as a crafters. But there's more! I keep the VERY BEST crafty memes and quotes on Pinterest!

Now that you are all signed up for meme central, are you ready to laugh your pants off?

All the memes are sorted into categories. Use the NEXT and BACK buttons to go through the pages. For easy reference, click these links to see each page:

Glitter Memes


So sprinkle sparkles on all the things!


Literally, you will sparkle all the things. Including your face, your children, and your spouse and pets.


NOBODY warned us! The bottle needs to come with a warning label!


Glitter, the disease we love to hate.


Well, that explains everything.

BEST funny CRAFT memes on everything from glitter to craft rooms to craft hoarding to shopping at the craft store and life as a crafter and maker! PLUS 49 memes you can customize with your branding to share on social media.

Living the Craft Life

misc ph pics end of April 2014 670

I actually said this. In a moment of weakness.


Crafty on, dudes.


The first step is knowing when to ask for help.



Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right?!


Life all comes back to crafts.


Kind of like craft supplies. The more you use, the more you buy.


Well, if Ryan said it…

Phone pics 1-29-15 008

You cannot resist the force of the craft side.

cray cray for crafts

Shopping for Craft Supplies


A Girl and a Glue Gun – always speaking truth on her Facebook Page!

4 (2)

Speaking of craft stores, we've all been there. Damn that coupon!


Pop beads, not pills.


Or HSN or scrapbook.com. Because you will be getting a delivery of a NEW electronic die cutting system as soon as you log on.

1 (2)

“Shopping”. Teehee.


Honesty is the best policy!

Craft Rooms and Storage


Why do we hold on to tiny scraps of paper that cost maybe 5 cents? It's hoarding on a micro-level.


Honesty is the best policy!


On display, on display, on display, each and every day


And I'm not a lady so here's a link to a video tour of my craft room.

Pics Jan end 2015 201

She says as she can't close the door …

QUOTES for Sale 1

If the box fits…


This is what “houses” are for… didn't we just learn that? LOL

Crafting and Relationships


The path to a crafter's heart is through her paper stash. Also, fabric. And thread. And yarn. And buttons.


Forget diamonds and Jared. He went to Michael's!


We craft it, you keep it.


Oh no you didn't! Respect the crochet, respect it! Shared by Yolanda from All Crafts Channel


Untitled design

Keep telling yourself this.


That's love.

Love is a well stocked craft room

I'll level with you. I didn't design all of these but I am giving credit where I can find it. It's so hard to find the original creator when things have been shared 8000 times on the interwebs. As creatives, giving credit is super important.

Thank you so much for stopping by and browsing all of this fun ūüôā I hope you laughed and laughed and pinned and laughed!

BEST funny CRAFT memes on everything from glitter to craft rooms to craft hoarding to shopping at the craft store and life as a crafter and maker! PLUS 49 memes you can customize with your branding to share on social media.

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