DIY Faux Gazing Ball for the Garden

We are gonna rock this DIY Gazing Ball for your Garden. I'm so glad you want to make your garden look pretty (for less)!

Jennifer shows how to make these fun faux gazing ball for your garden using Smoothfoam balls and half balls, mosaic pebbles, and acrylic paint!

I REALLY want you to have a pretty spot in your garden just like this too!

Click this video to get started. You can make these gazing balls too!


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A gazing ball the kids won't break! This tutorial is so easy to follow and these are CHEAP!!! Make this DIY FAUX Gazing Ball for your garden for under $20 for TWO. Can get all the supplies at dollar store - click the post to see what you need and watch video. A gazing ball the kids won't break! This tutorial is so easy to follow and these are CHEAP!!! Make this DIY FAUX Gazing Ball for your garden for under $20 for TWO. Can get all the supplies at dollar store - click the post to see what you need and watch video.

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      1. I made these and all the stones fell of the first time it rained not sure what I did wrong they looked great but I wasted a lot of time for nothing back to the drawing board for me

        1. Sorry that happened – I suggest construction adhesive if you live in a wet weather area. I live in a desert – it rarely rains here. Also you have to use SMOOTHFOAM because if you use styrofoam, it will fall apart right away.

  1. I made a project back in the day with styrofoam balls and a high temp glue gun…it ate right through (aka melted) the styrofoam immediately…won’t that happen here ? :/

  2. Love this idea! Work at Jo-Ann’s and know what I am buying tomorrow after work. Want to do the green pebbles and putting on the thinking cap for the color paint. Don’t want a glitter but something to really add to it.

  3. Made these yesterday and love them. However, I wonder how they will hold up in the summer weather? Does water have a negative effect?

    1. Yay so excited that you made them! Some of the beads might fall off with extreme temp changes -Just glue them back on 🙂 You can also use a construction adhesive to hold them on.

  4. I may try making this with some old bowling balls we have lying around….no need to paint them just add some sparkly flat marbles.

  5. I found the answer to which type of paint to use. Now another question, why couldn’t you paint the smoothfoam
    ball one color and use flat marbles of another. It might be gaudy or could be interesting. Any opinions?

  6. Just made my first one. Painted the ball sky blue and used clear flat marbles. Beautiful. I’m wondering. How could I fill in the open spaces with seed beads, bugle beads etc.? What kind of glue should I use? hOPE YOU RESPOND soon. Can’t wait to put in my hosta garden. Oh, I found a lot of cool stands at Good Will. Similar to fondue pot stands.

      1. That’s what you use for outside and it’s cheaper to use glass light fixtures at yard sales and they can stay out all year round

  7. I did this one year using the construction adhesive on an old bowling ball a friend got from a thrift store for a few dollars! Good way to upcycle unwanted balls 🙂 I used different colored stones to make a flower pattern all over my ball. 🙂

  8. I understand the difference between different Styrofoam – used to work for a florist. Then I saw the comment about bowling balls. Someone gave me some but they’ve gotten dull over the years – NOW I know how to make them look better. Great idea! For garden ball idea & bowling ball idea. Thank you

  9. These are awesome! I have gazillion of those glass pebbles leftover from my daughter’s wedding. I can’t wait to try this.

  10. (1) Would this Smoothfoam (never hear of it before) work with silicone as an adhesive instead of hot glue? Then it would be weather resistant.

    1. Go to the hardware store and ask for clear construction adhesive. You could use clear caulk if it is for outdoor use.

  11. Super cool! I found this post on Pinterest and my shade garden sure could use that pop of color. Thanks for the additional information about temperature extremes as I live in South Florida!

  12. You might try old bowling balls…. you can usually find them at thrift stores, bowling ally’s often sell for a buck….. paint it white and glu away. It is heavier but I have had on inmy garden in Colorado for 7 years!

  13. Jennifer, can you use rubber balls or hard plastic balls that children play with for the glazing ball? Bowling balls are hard to come by and I want to make several for outside. I live in NJ so our summers can be hot and humid. I would take them in for the winter.

    1. You could try but they might expand and shrink a little with temp changes and that’s bad for the glue – the gems will fall off. If you plan to use them on the ground, you could use a glass bowl turned upside down and only have “half a ball” sticking up…

  14. I made this way b4 I saw anything here….problem is. glass beads are so smooth and a glue gun will not hold for very long,
    Solution….over glue gun it and let it warp around the glass beads….or later super glue them back in place.

    either way works…..

    1. Hello, you probably could but for something more permanent, use a bowling ball or concrete ball as a base.

  15. What a fun idea! I bet they look so pretty when the sun hits them, too. Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!

  16. These are so pretty. I can see how they can be used inside or out. The best part is you tell us what to use for each application.

  17. They really are pretty! Thank you so much for sharing these pretty gazing balls with us at the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Have a lovely week!

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  19. I’m excited to try this project. Might I suggest that Patio Paints or equivalent be used? They are water resistant, moreso than the acrylic paints. I live in the Pacific Northwest, so rain is a constant companion! I’ve used Patio Paints on my ceramics and it works perfectly.

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