A #BlogHer16 Recap – the “experience of BlogHer”

BlogHer Day 3 – Saturday August 6, 2016

We started the day off with a breakfast keynote. Everyone was so excited that they served bacon and sausage with breakfast! The keynote was presented by GoDaddy and The Pitch, featuring Sallie Krawcheck. Sallie's story was truly inspiring and uplifting. Her company is all about empowering women to learn more about investing and become investors for their own retirement. Check it out here: ellevest.com. Get on the waitlist. I just signed up and going through the process of setting goals and seeing how much money you need to invest to reach your goals, well, it is eye opening! The process is really simple and pretty. Yes, I said pretty!

The Pitch was a series of women entreprenuers who “pitched” their businesses and we all could vote for the ones we liked the best. There were so many great ideas and products, it was awee-inspiring! Check out the contestants and cast your vote here: The Pitch presented by SheKnows Media

We entered in to win a session with a dream mentor, sponsored by GoDaddy. I would love for Katie to win!! Okay, I want to win too *wink wink*.

After the keynote, Katie and I hit the expo floor again. There were a few vendors we still had not yet visited so we made sure to hit them up. The last day of the conference is also a good time to load up on extra swag, especially if you are local to the area and can drive home. Vendors don't want to pack anything extra to take back with them and many of the attendees who are flying don't want to pay for extra luggage or for overweight baggage fees. We picked up LOTS of extra goodies from vendors. This saves them shipping and helps us be able to work with them faster than if we had to wait for a shipment of product.


Conference Tip: bring your unwanted swag bag items back to the event. They usually have swap rooms or places where they collect unwanted goodies for shelters and donations. Don't throw the swag in the trash!


Lunch was compliments of Herbalife and their executives spoke about the company and their mission. After that Mayim Bialik was to speak but she was running late so Katie and I headed to the Expo Hall and then classes. It's kind of a bummer because Katie wanted to see Mayim Bialik but it is what it is.

Next were the final sessions of the day. We chose “Diversify Your Compensation Streams: Passive vs. Active vs. Non-Monetary Compensation” with Marie Denee (The Curvy Fashionista), Erika Nicole Kendall (BlackGirlsGuideToWeightLoss.com), Garbielle Pelicci (Women-in-Wellness.com), and Mona Darling (Darling Propaganda), moderated by Susan Getgood (SheKnows Media). This class was entertaining and even more information packed than the class the previous day. I have to say I was really impressed with the quality of the presenters and the information they shared. We really lucked out with the sessions we chose.

The day was coming to a close. We made one more round in the Expo Hall and then headed back to the sauna, I mean “parking structure”, to get our car and go home. We missed the party at The Conga Room that night but Katie isn't even 18 yet and we were exhausted. We got home early and shared our swag with Xaver and Matthew.


An arm full of Amazing gals! @CraftyChica @jenniferppriest #BLOGHER16

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For me these kinds of events are more about the networking with brands and other bloggers. It was really fun hanging with Katie all weekend and seeing her learn to pitch herself and her brand. I feel like I connected with many more brands at this conference. At the end of the day, it was fun, informative, and definitely worth it for the brand connections. Now to follow up on all these business cards and leads!

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