DIY Candy Corn Desk Decor

Do you absolutely love candy corn and all things Halloween? I love decorating my house and even my desk area for the holidays. I'm going to share with you some really fun easy tips for decorating your office area for Halloween. You don't have to just leave the decor at home.

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[thrive_2step id='30397′] Click here for the free printables [/thrive_2step]
Before we get started, make sure you grab the free printable with eight different corny designs here: [thrive_2step id='30397′]CLICK HERE[/thrive_2step]

The secret to fun Halloween desk decor is easier than you think!

Decorating for Halloween is way easier than you might think! I have a really simple formula that you can follow to make your space look absolutely amazing for the Halloween season.

Dress up wall space

The first step is to dress up your wall space. If you have a cubicle you're going to have a little bit less wall space to work with but if you have an office, there's a lot of great space you have to work with.

with banners and lights

You can decorate the back of your door or a wall in your office with a banner or cute string lights. I'll show you how to do a banner later on in this post that super adorable and really easy with affordable felt. You can get a soft glow from your regular average Christmas string lights by using ping pong balls. Something about holiday lights always makes everything feel extra festive.

with printable “wall art”

You don't have to be super fancy with the decor to have a high impact. There's tons of amazing adorable free Halloween printables available online. In fact, I'm sharing some free printables in this post! Make sure that you scroll down and grab those from the big button down at the bottom of this post. See lots of great free printables not just for Halloween but for every single holiday that I've collected on this Pinterest board.

decorate your desktop

You can decorate your desk with cute items that you either buy from the store or hand-make. I'm going to show you how to make these really cute candy corn inspired coasters, framed art and candy corn pumpkins. You can use handmade items to round out the look and complement your store-bought items.

I got this really fun pumpkin candy dish a couple of years ago. Plus if you're working in an office, people love to stop by and grab a little bit of candy if you've got a nice welcoming candy dish on your desk.

Crazy easy candy corn banner idea (that's super adorbs too!)

This DIY candy corn banner is super crazy easy, really adorable, and super affordable. These sheets of felt are easy to find at the craft store for about $0.25 a piece. I'm also using Presto felt which is the self-adhesive felt from Kunin, the same company that makes the eco-fi recycled plastic felt that we all know and love.

Here's what you'll need to make this candy corn banner:

  • 2-3 sheets orange 12 x 9 eco-fi felt
  • 1 sheet yellow 12 x 9 eco-fi felt
  • 1 sheet  white 12 x 9  Presto felt
  • Aleene's felt and foam glue
  • scissors
  • clothespins , spray-painted

Here's how to make this adorable and affordable candy corn banner in minutes:

  1. cut candy corn shapes from orange felt
  2. layer on white and yellow felt and trim to candy corn shape when dry
  3. spray paint clips yellow
  4. clips candy corns to twine to make a banner, any length

These free printables make Halloween decorating EASY

You don't need to spend a lot to have art that looks great for any holiday. Grab some Dollar Store picture frames to start. You can make these look better by spray painting them or even decoupaging over the dollar store frame finish.

To give your printables a fancier, more finished look, you can print them onto photo paper or HP brochure paper. I used brochure paper because it helps the colors really really pop but it still thin like a regular printer paper.

[thrive_2step id='30397′] Click here for the free printables [/thrive_2step]

Make sure you grab the free printable with eight different corny designs here: [thrive_2step id='30397′]CLICK HERE[/thrive_2step]

Coffee is cuter when it's on a DIY Halloween coaster

I got these really super cute plain coasters from a friend and then dressed them up for Halloween with ink.

What's great about plain coasters is that you can buy a big pack of them and then customize them to whatever holiday decor or even a party that you're having. To make these coasters I used a mix of stencils, some spray ink and some miniature letter stamps.

You can grab letter stamps like the ones I used in the dollar spot at Michaels and at Target. To make these patterned coasters, lay the blank coasters in the spray booth. Lay a stencil on top of each coaster. Then spray the two colors of ink over top, allowing them to blend. Remove the stencil immediately. Allow the ink on the coasters to dry.

Stamp sassy sayings with the letter stamps and black archival ink. The Coasters will be ready to use right away.

I hope that you enjoyed these fun candy corn desk decor ideas.

How are you going to decorate your work area for Halloween this year?

I'd love it if you shared down in the comments!

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