DIY Jewelry Set – Even if you’ve never made jewelry before!

Why is Mom always so hard to buy for?!?! When I was a kid, my mom always asked for us to clean the house as a gift. I thought that was so lame! But when I got older and had a family of own, I understood. I want a clean house too! The next best thing to a clean house is a handmade gift. In grade school they send the kids home with giant construction paper cards or tissue paper flowers. No, I am not talking about those. I am talking about a handmade Mother's Day gift that she can actually use: a handmade necklace and handmade earrings set! It's easy with the new Mother's Day collection from Cousin Corporation at Walmart. Keep reading to see the full tutorial, supply list, and video showing every step. Product for this post was provided by Cousin Corporation as part of my work as a Cousin Creative Circle Ambassador.


Even if you have never made jewelry before, you can make this DIY Mother's Day jewelry set with the NEW Mother's Day collection from Cousin Corporation at Walmart and a few basic supplies. Here are the techniques you need to know:

  • Making a loop
  • Cutting Chain
  • Opening and Closing Jump Rings


Give a handmade gift with the new Cousin Mother's Day collection at Walmart

The new Cousin Mother's Day collection at Walmart can be found in the crafts area in the beading section. This collection includes lots of gorgeous beads in pretty colors, enamel flowers, charms, gems, and more to help you make custom jewelry for Mom, Grandma, and more. I especially love all the customization options – whatever Mom's favorite color is, there is a piece in the collection that you can use to make her an unique special jewelry piece!

Don't just limit yourself to jewelry with this collection – you can make bookmarks, wind chimes, headbands, book wraps, wine charms, and more with the Cousin Mother's Day collection at Walmart.

Find all the supplies for this project at Walmart, including the tools:

  • Cousin® Mother's Day Accents (bird charms) AJM31112206
  • Cousin® Mother's Day Beads (pink pearls) AJM31112187
  • Cousin® Open Jump ring, Silver 34712134 – 16 pieces
  • Cousin® Open Jump ring, Silver 34712135 – 2 pieces
  • Eye Pins, Silver – 6 pieces
  • Head Pins, Silver – 2 pieces
  • Ear Wires, Silver – 2 pieces
  • Curb Chain, Silver


  • Looping Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Jewelry Pliers


Here's how to put this DIY Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Set together:


  1. Thread a large pink bead onto an eye pin. Trim and close the other end in a loop.
  2. Add an ear wire to the loop before closing. Repeat for the second earring.
  3. Cut two 4″ lengths of chain.


  1. Thread one small, one large, and one small pink pearl onto an eye pin. Trim the end and loop with looping pliers. Make 4 of these “pearl sections” for the necklace.
  2. Cut a piece of curb chain as follows:
    • 2 pieces at 1.5″ long
    • 2 pieces at 2.5″ long
    • 2 pieces are 3.5″ long
  3. Attach the 1.5″ chain pieces to either side of the “bird on a wire” charm using jump rings.
  4.  Attach a pearl section to each end of the chain using jump rings.
  5. Add a 2.5″ piece of chain to the end of each pearl section using jump rings.
  6. Attach a pearl section to each end of the chain using jump rings.
  7. Add a 3.5″ piece of chain to the end of each pearl section using jump rings.
  8. Add a lobster style clasp to the ends of the chain, attaching them together, with jump rings.

Watch this video to see the steps in action and get more tips from me:

Be sure to check out the NEW Cousin Mother's Day Collection at Walmart. Looking for more inspiration? Check out these posts from my fellow Cousin Creative Circle Ambassadors featuring this new collection!

What are you getting Mom for Mother's Day? Let me know in the comments: Handmade or store-bought?

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