2 Absolutely Hilarious Parks and Rec “Free Advice” Printables

Welcome to the Parks and Recreation EPIC Blog Hop! I've joined together with 8 other bloggers to create and share crafts inspired by the NBC show, Parks and Recreation, starring Amy Poehler. This fall the show enters it final season, Parks and Recreation Season 7! We'll miss Parks and Rec but the show will live on in “craft” through this Parks and Recreation Crafts EPIC Blog Hop.

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I couldn't decide what I wanted to make because Parks & Rec is filled with 100s of pieces of amazing hilariousness that can be turned into a craft. So I did TWO things (overachiever, yo!):

  • A Lil' Sebastian Memorial Necklace
  • AND a set of “Free Advice” Printables

I was inspired by this Free Advice printable found on Pinterest:

source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/158963061822906613/
source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/158963061822906613/

Problem is, it's kinda a mystery as far as WHO make it first. But I did find a place where you can download it: Free Advice Ron Swanson Printable.

But what about all the other Parks a& Rec characters with great, life-changing advice, like Tommy Haverford! I made a few printables filled with advice from some of my favorite characters from Parks & Recreation. Warm up that printer and get ready to inspire your co-workers!

Tom Haverford Free Advice - hydrangeahippo

Click to download a pdf: Tom Haverford Free Advice – hydrangeahippo

And what's Parks and Rec without Leslie Knope? She has the best advice… *snicker*

Leslie Knope Free Advice - hydrangeahippo


Click to download a pdf: Leslie Knope Free Advice – hydrangeahippo

Whose office are you gonna hang these in?

Enough computer play … now time for crafts!

EPIC BLOG HOPS - Parks and Recreation Crafts 2

Now, head on over to the other 8 blogs in the hop to see what Parks & Rec inspired crafts they created!

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Scrappin Madge

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