How To Make A DIY Travel Scrapbook Kit

If you absolutely love scrapbooking your travel memories and photos, then you’re gonna love this DIY travel scrapbook kit! One of the biggest challenges with scrapbooking is finding time to scrapbook and making sure you journal all the detail you want to remember. What if you could scrapbook in the moment? With this DIY travel scrapbook kit you can get all your travel scrapbooking done while you’re still on your trip.

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Why travel scrapbooking during your vacation is smart

How many of you are “caught up” on your scrapbooking? Yeah, I am behind too! That’s why scrapbooking while you are on your trip is a smart way to get it done and preserve your memories. Watch this video to see how:

Watch the video on Youtube here.

Record travel memories in the moment

While we are on a trip, our memories are the freshest and most real. You can recall all of the details, the cute things you kids said, and the stories that made the trip special. This is the best time to capture these precious memories. And isn’t that what scrapbooking is all about?

I have sat down to scrapbook vacations that we did years ago and the most I can remember is where we went and the date. I lost all of the details because I waited too long to capture them. One of the things that makes scrapbooking so much more than just keeping photo albums; the journaling is just as important as the photos. In the moment (or that night!) is the best time capture these memories.

Scrapbook pictures on your trip means less backlog when you get home

We’ve all been there … looking at giant box of photos that still need to be scrapbooked. Every time I ask my friends if they are caught up on scrapbooking, they all say “No!” If you scrapbook your photos on your trip, then that’s one less project added to the to-do pile!

putting together pocket scrapbook page

Great way to use down time in the hotel room

I am a go-go-go type of person. If I am on a trip, I want to make the most of every moment! And those evenings in the hotel room, after dinner and after the kids are asleep, are perfect for journaling and scrapbooking that day’s memories.

printing photos with HP Sprocket while eating lunch

You can even scrapbook while you are waiting for your check at lunch! When we went on a trip to Balboa Park in San Diego, we printed outour favorite photos from that morning while we were finishing up lunch. The kids really enjoyed helping choose the photos to print from the app on my phone and a mobile photo printer.

And that brings me to the supplies you need for travel scrapbooking:

Tips for traveling with craft supplies

You might think it’s okay to bring all of your craft supplies on your trip. Or maybe you've heard horror stories from other crafters about their craft supplies being confiscated during travel? I certainly didn't want to lose my favorite scissors to the TSA if I brought them on a trip. So I did the research to find out what’s okay to travel with and what’s not.

Scrapbooking while traveling

Best travel scissors

Make sure the scissors you pack are okay to bring on a plane if you are flying. I really like these super tiny travel scissors because they are crazy sharp and don't hurt your hands when cutting.

When I last checked, the approved length for scissors was 4″ from the pivot point but it's always a good idea to check right before your trip. You can refer to the TSA regulations for blades here.

Can you bring glue on a plane?

While you can bring a certain amount of liquid onto a plane, you can avoid all scrutiny and issues by packing a dry adhesive in your travel scrapbook kit. Tape runners and adhesive dots are my favorites for travel scrapbooking because they are compact and don’t create extra waste when you use them.

What to pack: DIY Travel Scrapbook kit

As a scrapbooker, you probably already know how easy it to overpack and over bring supplies to a crop.

The same is true on a trip. You don’t want to bring too many craft supplies because they will get in the way of your trip. But you also don’t want to bring so few supplies that you don’t have what you need. Here are the basics that I recommend bringing:

Makeup bag used to store craft supplies

Travel Makeup Bag

I know, were not packing makeup …bu makeup bags are perfect for travel scrapbooking! You need a makeup bag that has lots of pockets that are easy to open … you'd be surprised how many bags are not really that roomy inside. I used an Orla Kiely Tall Flower Beauty Organizer Cosmetic Bag at Target but it's out of stock so get this one instead.

What to pack in a diy travel scrapbook kit

Once you have the bag picked out, you need to fill it up with travel scrapbooking supplies! Here's what you need:

How to pack a DIY travel scrapbook kit

Pack all of the supplies in the glassine bags so it's all ready to use when you get to your destination.

pocket scrapbook page

How to print scrapbook pictures while on vacation

You need pictures to scrapbook, right? Mobile printers allow you to print photos directly from your phone.

DIY travel scrapbook page

Types of Mobile Printers

Camera and Printer Combo

Remember Polaroid cameras? There are lots of options for mobile photo printing. You can use a camera that prints the photos as you take them, like a Fuji or Polaroid camera. But there are also digital cameras that are also printers. I didn't use these on my trip but I wanted to mention them as an option.

Thermal Mobile Photo Printers

Now there are tiny photos printers that fit in your purse! Most of these print with a thermal technology called Zink. I have an HP Sprocket, which uses Zink technology, but there are other brands of mobile thermal printers that use the same tech.

I like the Sprocket because it is compact, easy to use, and the paper the photos print on is sticker paper so there's no adhesive needed. In your scrapbook kit, you'll need the HP Sprocket and at least 1 pack of Sprocket paper.

Make sure you watch the video to see how to actually make a scrapbook page using this travel scrapbook kit!

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  1. The Orla Kiely bag caught my eye. Love the orange and her iconic motif. I’m intrigued by the HP Printer. It sounds like a great investment, especially for scrapbooking. I’ve converted a makeup bag into storage for my knitting needles. The former makeup brush storage is great for DPNs and the pockets hold notions and circular needles. Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg I’ve pinned it so others can be inspired, too.

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