Stick With It Palette For Paint, Jewelry, Travel, And More

I really love sharing cool, new practical products with you. Part of what is so fun as a blogger is that brands ask me to do reviews of their products. I don't always say “yes” because I want to make sure the product is going to be something I would actually use, that it works, and that it is something I think you will enjoy and love too. A good products in my book needs to be practical, affordable, and have more than one use. While I was walking the aisles at CHA I spotted this booth in the new vendor section called “Stick With It“.

Stick With It Palette for Paint Palette - JPriest

It looked interesting. The new vendor area is deceiving because alot of people have a plain table with not too much going on compared to the over-the-top highly decorated booths common to CHA. But sometimes, you find a diamond in the rough in those aisles so I love to check them to see what's cool! Come to find out the lady who invented Stick With It and owns the company is based right here in So Cal. We got to chatting about the product and she started telling me how it is sticky and you can store things in it. She said makeup artists and crafters are using it for paint, beading projects, and makeup. Huh? She reassured me that you could clean it easily and even disinfect the Stick With It but I wasn't buying her story. I'm a total germaphobe and lint gives me the heebie jeebies so I was really thinking this product was too good to be true. She sent me home with one to review and check out. Boy, was I wrong!

The first test I decided to try was to use Stick With It for jewelry:

Stick With It keeps jewelry in place while traveling - Jennifer Priest hydrangeahippo

I packed these items on a trip to Atlanta last month. I checked my bag so you know it got tossed around a ton. The necklace and bracelet were fine because there was alot of surface area of each item pressed to the plastic inside the Stick With it. The earrings and hair clips did roll around a bit, but still, the Stick With It stayed closed and everything was in one place when I arrived and unpacked. I felt this was a viable option for keeping jewelry organized and untangled while traveling, especially if you have smaller, flatter pieces. I was going to bring an ICE Resin necklace I made with a lightbulb in the middle and that did not fit in the Stick With It because the pendant on the necklace was almost an inch thick. But for smaller pieces, it works like magic and I am so glad to not be using zip top baggies for my jewelry anymore…so not classy.

Disney Princess Box Full

The next test I tried was using paint in the Stick With It, creating a Disney inspired box. Monetta, the owner of Stick With It told me that people used glue and paint inside of it, like a paint palette, and then washed it off and it was sticky again, just like new. I was totally skeptical so I tried it myself, thinking I might have to throw this thing in the trash when I'm done. Here's what happened:

The Stick With It Palette performed wonderfully well with paint and water! I washed it under the sink and everything came clean.The website suggest using dish soap to clean it but I just washed it with water and all went well. I set it out on a towel to air dry and it was sticky, bright, and clean within an hour. It was totally surprised!

Stick With It As Paint Palette - JPriest

I spoke to the owner on the phone and she said that it's because the plastic inside is not coated with adhesive – the plastic itself is what has the “sticky” properties that help keep things in place. That's why you can wash it and use baby wipes on the Stick with It without damaging the adhesive or losing the effectiveness of it.

Here are some more ways to use Stick With It:

To find out more about Stick With It, visit them here:

Here's a handy dandy pinnable image for you to PIN:

Stick With It for Crafts Painting Travel JPriest

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    1. Hi Laura, so nice to see your name pop up here 🙂 Jennifer did a great review, and it’s fun to see more reviews come in showing different ways to use the palette.

    1. Thanks Claire 🙂 I love your website. I see Laura from My Newest Addiction blogs for you.
      She did a great review on my palette for makeup a couple of years ago!

  1. Hi Laura, so nice to see your name pop up here 🙂 Jennifer did a great review, and it’s fun to see more reviews come in showing different ways to use the palette.

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