Wood Desk Set – The Modern Memo Center

Hello craft friends! Today I am sharing how to create a rustic desktop memo holder that doubles as a business card holder. Walnut Hollow's chunky Basswood Country Slabs are a blank canvas for creating awesome rustic wood home decor. This DIY wood desk set project requires very basic wood working skills and can be created in less than an hour. The slot on the top can be used for business cards or you can slip a pad of sticky notes in the same spot. I think it's a distinctive modern take on the old desk sets from the 1960's.

Wood Slab Business Card and Pen Holder by Jennifer Priest of hydrangeahippo COLLAGE TITLE


The memo center can be displayed with the bark side facing out or the wood side facing out. Consider wood burning or painting a name or inspiring quote on the wood side of the slab or leave it plain for a more rustic feel.

To create this project, gather the following supplies:

Wood Slab Business Card and Pen Holder by Jennifer Priest of hydrangeahippo

Here's how to create this DIY wood memo center:

This memo center can be a business card holder or a post-it note holder and will give your desk a distinctive look like no one else! Coworkers will ask, “Anthropologie?” and you'll answer, “No, Walnut Hollow and these two hands.” That's the ultimate in hispter cool.

Wood Slab Business Card and Pen Holder by Jennifer Priest of hydrangeahippo 3

Where would you use this wood desk set?

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    This is so great! Do you know where I can find this slab? I’ve been searching everywhere and cannot find it. Thanks in advance!

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