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Super Cute MINIONS Snacks – Made with Twinkies

Every birthday party these days seems to have cupcakes but most of the time. I see the kids eating only half a cupcake. When we were planning our Minions birthday party, we were trying to think of an alternative to cupcakes that would be fun and easy for kids to eat: Twinkies! I love the idea I've seen on Pinterest where a Twinkie is used to top a cupcake and it's made to look like a Minion. We decided to ditch the cupcake and go straight for Minion snacks made from Twinkies:

Minions Twinkies by JPriest

Katie dreamed these up and they actually go together really easily. The Twinkies, I mean Minions, sit inside of a little blue cup that is made to look like their overalls. The kids can later fill these with other snacks like trail mix and cheese puffs after they've eaten the Twinkie. You'll need the following supplies to create these Minion Twinkies:

  • Twinkies (a box of 10)
  • Black Licorice
  • Tube of White Prosting
  • Blue Mini Plastic Cups (Target)
  • Blue Cardstock
  • Tombow Adhesive Dots


  • Small Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Plastic Tips for Frosting Tube

How to make Minions Twinkies:

1. Unwrap all of the Twinkies.

2. Slice the licorice into 1/4″ thick slices that are round. If they are not round, roll them until they are round.

3. Attach the licorice piece to the Twinkie with a small amount of white frosting.

Minions Twinkie - Step 1 by Katie Priest JPriest

4. Apply a small amount of icing on top of the licorice piece to make the white of the eye.

Minions Twinkie - Step 2 by Katie Priest JPriest

5. Slice strips of black licorice to make the mouth and goggles strap for the Minion. Attach to the Twinkie with a small amount of frosting. Add a tiny piece of black licorice to the center of the eye.

Minions Twinkie - Step 3 by Katie Priest JPriest

6. Place the Minion Twinkie into the blue cup (overalls) and serve.

Here's how to make the “overalls” from paper and blue plastic cups:

I also created a stand for the Minions Twinkies, which I'll be sharing on the Smoothfoam blog next week. Until then, here is a little sneak peek:

Minions Twinkies on Smoothfoam Platform with Sizzix eclips2 Die Cuts JPriest WM

Come back tomorrow for more recipes for Minion snacks and later in the week for the full reveal of our Minions Party! Pin the image below so you'll be able to easily find this post later when you host your own Minions themed party.


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