10 Minute Toy Car Ornaments

Have you ever wanted to make ornaments with your boys only to find that most of the tutorials are kind of girly or “not cool, Mom”? Well, guys or boys or dudes or Dad will all love this easy ornament tutorial on how to turn toy cars into Christmas ornaments in under 10 minutes.

10 Minute Toy Car Ornaments by Jennifer Priest hydrangeahippo

These ornaments involve power tools (let out your best Tim Allen grunt, boys!) and a bit of metalsmithing. Yes, yes, so freaking awesome, right?! If you have to do an ornament exchange at work, make these and wow the men in the group! I like to joke that I'll get the boys the Mustang they've always wanted or sure, for Christmas they can have that Lamborghini or Ferrari. They might be disappointed but hey, we'll all have a good laugh, right?

2014-12 Boy Ornaments - Muscle Cars by Jennifer Priest hydrangeahippo 3

We created an entire fleet of cars and it only cost $5! Seriously. Here's what you'll need to create each of these car ornaments. In case you don't have these supplies on hand, I've added some affiliate links:


  • Toy Car – I got these from Dollar Tree
  • Wire, about 22 gauge
  • Eye Pin


  • Ryobi Drill
  • Drill Bits (you'll need a 1/16″ bit for this project)
  • Sandbag and Steel Block
  • Hammer
  • Jewelry Pliers

2014-12 Boy Ornaments - Muscle Cars by Jennifer Priest hydrangeahippo

Xaver made this handy dandy video of how to make the toy car ornaments. Once he made one, he was on a roll so I figured I'd just let him make them all on his own. It's actually pretty addicting. I tried to help at one point, as you'll see in the video. I think they'd look cute with beads and bows on them but he wasn't having it.

After you make these and hang them on the tree, make more ornaments out of manly things like mini tools, army knives, nuts and bolts, and chest hair. Well, maybe not chest hair. I think I am going to give the nephews the option to make these this weekend at our ornament making get-together. I'm sure they'll be into it!

2014-12 Boy Ornaments - Muscle Cars by Jennifer Priest hydrangeahippo 2

Let me know if you make these!!

Jennifer Priest has some of the best craft ideas on her site Just JP and previously, Hydrangea Hippo. She shares tons of free tutorials and YouTube videos showing all kinds of crafts and DIY.

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