50 Mod Podge Craft Ideas – 50th Anniversary Mod Podge Day May 19

Today is Mod Podge Day! It doesn't seem like it has been around for 50 years but it's true. Who doesn't remember seeing a bottle of Mod Podge at grandma's house or in the craft closet growing up? To celebrate all things Mod Podge and decoupage, I've rounded up over 50 Mod Podge Craft ideas (teeeheee, 50 years, 50 ideas …) for you to pin, try, and get inspired by. Click the NEXT button after each project to go to the next page to see more projects. But before you get started …

Did you know there are 17 different Mod Podge formulas?!

Check out this video from Plaid Crafts that explains the difference between them all:

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Now, let's get started!

50 Mod Podge Craft Ideas

1. DIY Silk Screen with Mod Podge

Wait, seriously? Yup, you can make your own screen prints screens and screen print tees with Mod Podge. See more at My Calico Skies blog …

2. Glitter Desk Stapler

Glitter and Mod Podge are best buds. This video shows a few ways to use Glitter and Mod Podge to make a gliter stapler, glitter lipstick case, and more:

3. Book Pencils

Make these book lover pencil by decoupaging pages from your favorite books onto plain yellow pencils with Mod Podge. Get the how-to: Book Pencils

4. Epson salt candles

Paint a jar with Mod Podge, roll in epson salt, and a add a flameless candle inside. Get the full how-to: Epson Salt Candles

5. Mod Podge Spoons

Amy's not sure if these spoons are Mod Podged or not but they could be! Head on over to Mod Podge Rocks! to see more.

6. Fabric Wrapped Bracelets

Cover basic bangles with fabric and deal with Mod Podge. Easy peasy! See more …

7. Mod Podge Image Transfer

Yup, there's a Mod Podge Image Transfer formula, perfect for this Mod Podge cigar box by Morena Hockley.

8. Poured Painting

Have you seen those really cool POURED acrylic paint paintings? They use an expensive thinning medium to do it but you can use Mod Podge too. Lily's Mix shares how on her YouTube channel …

9. Decoupage Letters

This craft never gets old … make map letters, book page letters, comic book letters, or even scrapbook paper letters with Mod Podge.

10. Colored Mason Jars with Mod Podge

Food coloring and Mod Podge are all you need!

11. DIY Lace Coasters

Because Mod Podge dries clear, it's perfect for decoupaging lace!

12. Glittered Clutch Purse

Mix Mod Podge with paint, paint onto a non-porous surface like faux leather, then sprinkle with glitter. Bam! See more

13. DIY Fabric Covered Chair

From drab plastic Ikea chair to FAB desk chair – how to decoupage fabric onto a plastic chair!

14. Floral Recipe Box

Deccoupage flowers cut from printed fabric or paper onto a plain wooden recipe box to give it personality. Get the how to: DIY floral recipe box

15. DIY Cuff Bracelet

This chunky DIY cuff bracelet by Candie Cooper was made with Mod Podge! What?!

16. DIY Glass Vase

This project from The Craft Box Girls is super easy and cute … do this with any scrapbook paper!

17. Patchwork Fabric Ornaments

You can make these patchwork fabric ornaments by Cluck Cluck Sew with fabric scraps, paper scraps, or even torn napkins … use Mod Podge to apply the pieces to a glass ball ornament, let dry, and enjoy!

18. DIY Photo Transfer

Mod Podge is perfect for photo transfers like this!

19. DIY Glitter Bowl

I don't know how practical it is but this DIY glitter bowl is pretty and easy to make.

20. Matte Travel Shadowbox

The key to a classic, clean look is a matte finish. Nancy shows how to make this chic DIY travel shadowbox with Matte Mod Podge.

21. How to Decoupage with Napkins

The Craft Test Dummy shares her tips for making home decor using Mod Podge and napkins to make a gorgeous treasure box!

22. Feather Glass Vase

So this peacock feather vase is not a decoupage project but it could be — paint a vase with Mod Podge, add feathers, add a top coat of Mod Podge and done!

23. DIY Wobble People Toys with Plastic Easter Eggs

Decoupage little faces onto plastic Easter eggs to make these fun wobble people toys!

24. Emoji  Magnets with Glass Marbles

Such a cute idea using flat back clear glass marbles and printed emojis from Jennifer Maker

25. DIY Designer Shoes

Okay, you might not wear these Litas but you can do something similar with pumps or any faux leather shoes using Mod Podge and fabric.

26. Decopauge Soup Cans

Make a fun upcycled planter or organizer using soup cans decorated with tissue paper to napkins Mod Podged on.

27. DIY Designer Knobs and Drawer Pulls

Turn plain knobs from drab to fab with this easy hack using Mod Podge.

28. Decorative Trays

Make a tray look even prettier with a decoupaged fabric or paper lining!

29. Mod Podge Window Clings

Say what?! Yes, you can make window clings with Mod Podge!

30. DIY Kids Silk Screens

Make a silk screen for shirt printing using Mod Podge – this idea is so cool! See more at Sweet Thing Designs

31. Glitter Wine Glasses

Get the party started with these DIY glitter wine glasses!

32. Mod Podge DIY SLIME!

Since Mod Podge is a glue product, you can totally make DIY SLIME with it!

33. Decoupage Pots with Napkins

Plus a bunch of other decoupage napkin ideas!

34. Recycled Spoon Garden Markers

These DIY garden markers can be made with thrift shop spoons and Mod Podge!

35. Fabric Lined Drawers

Use Mod Podge and fabric to give an old dresser new, chic life!

36. Rock Paper Weights

Put image transfers onto rocks and seal with Mod Podge for fun rock paper weights.

37. Matching Ceiling Fans

Decoupage fabric, wallpaper, or paper onto ceiling fans blades to make them match the decor. DIY by Mod Podge Rocks!

38. Faux Malachite Table

This DIY faux malachite table by One Kings Lane is FABULOUS!

39. Surprise Bottom Shoes!

Decoupage a photo or fabric onto the bottom of your shoes … better than red bottoms?

40. Decoupage Wine Bottles with Napkins

This would be fun for a party or to just decorate empty wine bottles with napkins:

41. Mod Podge Suitcase

Upcycle a thrift shop suitcase with fabric and Mod Podge – by Sew Can Do

42. DIY Polaroid Coasters

Such a fun way to use photos … Mod Podge will seal these photo tiles so you can actually use them as coasters.

43. Terra Cotta Pot Windchime

I love how this tutorial shows how to make a DIY terra cotta pot windchime and then you can make it last longer by sealing with Mod Podge.

44. DIY Letter Wall

Why decoupage one letter when you can do 26? This DIY letter wall with Mod Podge is a fun way to decorate a kids room, classroom, or even the living room!

45. DIY Decoupage Furniture

Use paper napkins and Mod Podge to make a shabby piece for your farmhouse decor!

46. Doodled Shell Art

Doodle on any natural item, like these doodled sea shells, with a Pigma Micron pen and then seal it with Mod Podge.

47. Fabric Puzzle Blocks

Make these chunky puzzles for the kids using fabric squares. Craftiness is Not Optional shares how …

48. Twine Wrapped DIY Succulent Pot

This project from 100 Directions is easy peasy – how to make a twine wrapped succulent pot.

49. DIY Fabric Covered Notebook

Cover any plain notebook or book with fabric using Mod Podge. Get the how-to from By Wilma.

50. Mod Podge DeskOrganizer

This recycled craft makes tp rolls look good … Amy Anderson share how to make this DIY desk organizer.

And finally, just a reminder … it's called MOD PODGE, friends! LOL

Which project was your fave? Please let me know down in the comments section:

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  1. What a great list of fun Mod Podge ideas!! Love it. Thank you so much for including my crazy emoji magnets in your list. I am honored. And happy Mod Podge Day! (I had no idea!)

  2. WOW WOW! I am beyond impressed with your creations and ideas here! LOVE them all! šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! But I did not make these – – just rounded up ideas from my friends šŸ™‚

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