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The Best NEW Craft Table and Storage Ideas

What’s the best craft table with storage? Who makes the best craft organizer for all of your craft supplies? And are there any new sewing organizer ideas? I went to the Creativation show (formerly CHA) to find out! Let’s take a look at the new craft organizing products:

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In this video, I share a quick overview of all the trends I saw at Creativation for Craft Organizing Products this year from popular colors for organizing products to products that customers are asking for. Keep reading to see more details about each trend, video tours of each booth, and learn about why craft organizing is making a comeback!

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Make n take project at Walnut Hollow's 2018 Creativation booth
Make n take project at Walnut Hollow's 2018 Creativation booth

Craft Organizing is a Huge Trend right now!

I am so excited that craft organizers are back in a big way this year. Companies are making craft organizers in new colors and shapes. Plus, they are listening to customers when we tell them that the best craft table with storage is a modular system that works with other tools.

Have you seen how Michaels and Hobby Lobby have expanded their organizing sections?

I did a recap of all the trends I saw at Creativation in this video. In the last few years, I’ve seen fewer craft organizing products on the market. But this year, at the annual Creativation show, I saw new products to help crafters get organized from new and old companies alike. It was super exciting to see the solutions these companies are creating to help us organize our stash so we can be more creative.

Want more organizing ideas? Check out this NEW craft room tour!

 2018 Creativation booth
Lia Griffith's 2018 Creativation booth

An informal history of craft organizing products

I have attended the trade show for the Association for Creative Industries (formerly CHA) for the last 11 years. I KNOW! It has been a long time and in those many years I have seen a lot of different types of craft organizing products.

Over the years, there have been some common themes like the clean look of white furniture pieces and lots of clear, compartmented storage.

Then companies started making modular storage, where you could mix and match pieces to fit together in different combinations. They also started using bright colors like hot pink. I think there was a time when it was hard to find a craft product that wasn’t pink! LOL Tim Holtz started offering roll-up marker and tool bags in black and white. Many companies offered storage specific to their products, such as Sizzix offering boxes to store their dies, but the storage wasn’t universal.

About 5 years ago, the focus on organizing started leaving the show more and more. We started seeing companies stop offering organizing products, such as Fiskars remove their rolling totes from their line and Amy Butler stop making my all-time favorite craft title. Companies like All My Memories, whose cornerstone products were craft totes and rolling bags, went out of business. This tote is a favorite of mine but you can't even find it any more …

Luckily, times have changed.

Colorful typewriters at WeRMemoryKeepers' 2018 Creativation booth
Colorful typewriters at WeRMemoryKeepers' 2018 Creativation booth

Want to organize your space?

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What’s new in craft organizing this year?

Fast forward to today and we have a lot more selection, more colors, and more thoughtfully designed, multi-purpose craft organizing products for inside and outside the craft room

Modular Craft Storage Trend

Modular craft storage is in! Manufacturers are creating storage with mix and match removable compartments and storage that fits into furniture and products from other brands. We R Memory Keepers’ new stackable paper trays and punch board organizer fits inside the IKEA Kallax (and formerly Expedit) shelving units that are super popular with crafters.

Deflecto offers storage that can be stacked, moved, and configured in loads of different ways to accommodate any projects and any kind of crafter. And they are taking their storage ideas even beyond the craft room with applications in the closet, in the pantry, and more, all with the same storage system.

Best craft table with storage

best craft organizers 2018

Art Bin has done an amazing job with storage tools and containers that fit inside their Super Satchel series but they took it a step further this year with a white cube system that can hold any size ArtBin. You can create a custom craft table with storage using these cubes in any configuration! Plus you can store your ArtBins inside … it's the best craft table with storage.

best craft organizers 2018

These can be stacked to form tables legs or configured in any number of ways in a craft space to organize ArtBins and any other craft supply. See more in this tour of their booth at Creativation 2018:

I also really loved the modular bags from We R Memory Keepers, especially their new line with Vicki Boutin. These bags have compartments that attach to the inside of the bag with hook and loop. Plus, the lid can be secured in an open, vertical position for easy access to in-the-lid storage.

See more in this live video tour I did in the We R Memory Keepers booth:

Want to expanding storage box that you twist and opens to reveal your supplies? The one that looks like a flower!? Get it here: We R Memory Keepers BLOOM Embellishment Storage

Storage that’s there when you need it … and stores when you don’t

I noticed many of the companies offering storage that can collapse or lay flat when you are not using it but can snap together in a jif when you do need it.

best craft organizers 2018

Xyron is offering a set of snap-together boxes that store flat inside their own lids when not in use.

  • Fold Flat Design: They also include a fold-together divider that can be used inside or removed when not in use.
  • Divided Box: The boxes are super sturdy, can hold a lot of weight, and don’t require any tools to put together. If you've ever put together those white cardboard boxes with 800 screws from Ikea, you are gonna love how easy these new Xyron storage boxes are to assemble! I love the colors and can’t wait for these to come out!

kitxchange yellow bead storage folder

I saw a new company trying to solve the issue of ONE storage solution for MANY types of crafts: Kitxchange. The owner and inventor was there in person to give us a live tour, you can watch here:

Products that come with storage

Lots of manufacturers are selling their products in packages that double as storage and can be reused when the product has been used up. This trend started in the mid-2000s with Prima packaging their flowers in glass bottles and Doodlebug packaging their glitter and sequins in pretty plastic tubes with metal lids.

best craft organizers 2018

This year, the trend continues with a brand new craft company based here in Southern California: Love + Lemon Craft Co.

  • Their colorful embellishments are packaged in reusable jars with shin gold lids.
  • What's more, these products are only available in mom & pop, indie shops, allowing them to have a full array of colorful products that usually only the big box stores have.
  • The packages are under $10 each too!

Love + Lemon sent me a box of goodies … you gotta watch this video to see what their products are all about!

best craft organizers 2018

MultiCraft's Craft Medley line offers similar packaging to Love + Lemon but with or without embellishments.

best craft organizers 2018

Their adorable button assortment bags come in reusable zipper pouches for button storage that are so cute and perfect for on to go crafting.

best craft organizers 2018

Bottles with cork toppers, embellishment cases made of various materials … MutliCraft has storage to fit every taste style and space. You can find their products here: Shop MultiCraft on Amazon

Trending colors for craft storage for 2018?

There was a time when almost all craft organizing supplies were available in one color: pink. Thank goodness that time is over! This year there are lots of teal and turquoise tones along with elegant black and white patterns. Craft companies are much more in tune with fashion and design trends as well as listening to the customers. Yeah, they are listening to us!

Vicki Boutin bag for wermemory keepers

Some of my favorites were the rolling bags and storage from WeRMemory Keepers, specifically the Vicki Boutin collection. She did a fabulous job on this and I'd be happy to use it as luggage besides for crafting!

I was also interested to see the mustard yellow colored storage from Kitxchange, again a nice departure from the pink bags we used to see. It's like our craft storage has finally grown up! LOL

assorted vinyl bags

Companies are listening to customers and making products YOU WANT!

I was super excited to see over and over that craft companies were listening closely to their customers when developing new craft organizing products. Companies were coming out with more stylish designs and solutions to common issues expressed by customers. I saw this in the new storage cubes from ArtBin, the punchboard storage from WeRMemory Keepers, and these sassy craft clutches from Pulsar:

assorted vinyl bags

Which of these trends and products are you most excited about?

Let me know in the comments!!

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  1. I am mesmerized by this post and all these wonderful craft supplies. I’m so glad the trend for organizers is back.Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday. Hope to see you at the party next week!

  2. Thanks for sharing these awesome storage products! Love the video. Did you take the photo of Lia Griffith’s storage unit in her booth? It’s a really awesome photo. Since you are so into craft storage, I’m wondering if you know exactly what that shelf/cubby unit is or who makes it?
    Thanks again for all the great info! I’m so inspired.

    1. I did take that photo in Lia Griffith’s booth. I believe she used bookcases from ikea 🙂

  3. Can I get one of those organized craft rooms for my house please? Great information, I try to be organized with my crafting supplies, but inevitably it all ends up in a mess and in 10 different places in our home. Thank you for sharing with us at Create and Celebrate!!

  4. Loved your video. however I really love that twisty flower like small teal round craft holder but there was nothing about it. What is it callled and where can it get one? Thank you.

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