Last Minute Costume Idea – DIY Deviled Egg Costume

I feel ya. It's Halloween and you weren't gonna dress up but now you have 3 parties to go to and all the stores are picked over. You're not feeling the half bald rainbow clown wig with a boot print on it from being trampled at Walmart. I got your back. Here's  an easy DIY costume you can make in 30 minutes with supplies a few aisles over in Walmart, from the craft aisle! This DIY Deviled Egg Costume is super easy to make. Yeah, it's kind of 2010 but still easy, still fun and cheeky, and well, still a costume. Plus, there's a video tutorial where I share my trick for cutting a perfect circle freehand.


Here's what you'll need to make this costume:


I made a video tutorial sharing how to make it so you can follow along really easily. If you don't have fabric glue, you can get away with safety pins for the felt circle and probably get some pre-fab devil horns at Walmart or Target, likely on clearance.


We used a cardigan sweater instead of a cape but you can make a cape from 1 yard of red Kunin Eco-Fi Plus Premium Felt ($3.47 a yard at Walmart) or buy one as well.  For true DIY on the cheap, here's how to make a DIY Deviled Egg Costume for under $10 (under $5 if you already have a head band and T-shirt!):

Halloween (2)

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