How to scrapbook faster … on your phone!

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The one thing I hear all the time from friends is how they are behind in their scrapbooking. It's easy to do – the event happens and then days and weeks and months pass and you forget to print your photos. Now, you're behind. I had been using the PicCollage app for about a year so when I found out that I can print directly from the app to my HP printer, I was super excited. Last night, I made collages to share on social media using the PicCollage app. Just one more click and that photo printed right out on my HP Printer, even though I was still outside in my front yard passing out candy. Here's how it all works:

How do PicCollage and HP make scrapbooking easier?

Now that the photos are printed out, today I was able to make a scrapbook page all about our Halloween celebration, from carving pumpkins to trick-or-treating. I decided to print a 5×7 of the main trick or treating collage I made on PicCollage and then I printed some smaller 4×6 images to go in a pocket page facing the 12×12 page in my album. I already had the 12×12 page made in my stash (see the tutorial here: Halloween Scrapbook Page) so it was easy to add the photo to it with photo safe adhesive. Here's how I got creative with PicCollage thanks to technology from HP!


I added the journaling in PicCollage directly on the photo of the kids carving pumpkins, saving me time and giving the project a cohesive look. I am all for journaling by hand but sometimes it's faster to do it in the moment in PicCollage. Also, now the words are WITH the photo so you don't have to try to remember what happened later.


Here's how to get started with PicCollage:

  1. Download the PicCollage app by visiting your app store – iTunes or Google Play and for Windows Phone go to the PicCollage website.
  2. Once the app is downloaded, simply create your collage.
  3. Within the app, connect to your printer using a Print Manager app. For my HP printer, I downloaded the HP Print Service Plugin, found my printer in the list, and activated it!
  4. Open the PicCollage app and start creating the collage.
  5. Save the collage and then select to print it. PicCollage will prompt you to get a print service. Select your print service and then the printer, select the paper size, and hit “print”.


The photo will print right out! Because it's wireless, you can print from as far as your wifi reaches. For me, that's my front yard. For this project I chose HP 5×7 photo paper.

Now the fun begins! You can choose from templates where you just plug in your photo or you can design the whole thing from scratch with digital stickers, text, and more in the PicCollage app plus your photos. You can also buy stickers, like the cute Hello Kitty ones I shared on Instagram last month (see photos above) or you can download free ones.

What will you create with PicCollage?

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