Minions Birthday Party Decor – 4 Projects for $40

This post is sponsored by Darice via Crafty Hangouts. All opinions are 100% my own. Create an affordable Minions themed birthday party using supplies from Darice! I received a shipment of party supplies from Darice that I used to create four fast and easy DIY Minions projects for a birthday party or movie premiere party. We love the Minions so when we heard there was a Minions movie coming out in early July this year, we were super excited. Of course now all the kids want a Minions party! I made all of these Minions birthday party decor projects in under twenty minutes and for under $40. I shared all four projects in a Crafty Hangouts video earlier this week:

Here are the details on each project shown in the video:

DIY pom pom garland for a MINIONS birthdya party using pom poms and twine. Easy party decor by Jennifer Priest jenniferppriest.com

Pom Pom Garland

Darice sells pom pom garlands that are ready to use. I picked up two in red but decided to also add more texture to my garland wall by using loose pom poms to make a different style of pom pom garland. For this project, gather these supplies:

  • Pom Poms by Darice
  • Yarn Darning Needle (any needle will work but I like yarn darners)
  • Twine or Yarn

To create a pom pom garland, thread the needle with a length of at least four yards of twine. Thread the pom poms onto the needle and then onto the twine or yarn. Spread out the pom poms on the twine so they are about four to six inches apart. Add more interest to the garland wall using crepe paper streamers. Hang with push pins or tape.

Make Minions Mason Jars for Party Decor using yellow mason jars from Darice and the Sizzix eclips2 to cut the eyes. Project and tutorial by jenniferppriest..com Jennifer Priest

Minion Mason Jars

I used the Sizzix eclips2 (video coming soon!) to cut out the circles for the eyes or goggles for these but you can also use paper punches if you do not have an electronic cutting system. For this project, gather these supplies:

Assemble the eyes using white glue of your choice. For each jar, cut a 1″ by 12″ strip of cardstock using the paper trimmer. Wrap the cardstock strip around the jar and staple or adhere the ends to the back side of the paper eye. Fill with paper straws (available from Darice) or cutlery.

Scarlet Overkill Chinese Lanterns for MINIONS Birthday Party JPriest

Scarlet Overkill Lanterns

Chinese paper lanterns are so affordable and easy to make into just about anything. I used red lanterns and masks to make Scarlet Overkill inspired lanterns to hang from the ceiling for our party. These can be collapsed flat for easy storage after the party. The masks can be removed so these red lanterns can later be used for other decor like 4th of July and Christmas.

Paint the mask with black paint and allow to dry. Assemble the lantern according to the instructions in the package (you can also watch how in the video above). Place the mask on the lantern. Attach twine to the top of the lantern and hang from the ceiling with a push pin.

Minion Chinese Lanterns for MINIONS Birthday Party JPriest

Minions Lanterns

The Minions are just so darn cute I need alot more of them for the party! I used Darice's yellow paper lanterns and the same eyes from the mason jar project above to create these minion hanging lanterns. Gather these supplies:

Assemble the lantern according to the instructions in the package (you can also watch how in the video above). Attach two 1″ x 12″ strips of black cardstock together to make one long strip using the Tombow Xtreme Adhesive Tabs or a stapler. Wrap this strip around the lantern to form the goggles strap and attach to the lantern with Tombow Xtreme Adhesive Tabs. Attach the eye diecut to the strap. Cut five lengths of poly satin ribbon, about 1.5 yards each. Thread the ribbon onto the wire at the bottom of the lantern to form a ribbon fringe. Attach twine to the top of the lantern and hang from the ceiling with a push pin.

Minions Party Featured Image 500x1200 JPriest

My nephew loves Minions as well so we'll be using this decor for his upcoming party. When the DVD comes out, we'll reuse these party decorations for a Minions themed movie night. All of these decorations fold flat and can be store or reused for other party occasions after you're done with the Minions party. Be sure to come back to the blog every day through the weekend for more Minions themed party decor and snacks to make to complete the party experience.

Be sure to visit Darice to check out their entire line of craft and party products. They have so much to offer and at great prices too!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!! 

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