3 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments with Foam

This post contains affiliate links and I have a relationship with the suppliers of some of the craft products use in this post (Smoothfoam, Clearsnap, ilovetocreate, Tombow). I created these fun ornaments using my favorite craft foam, Smoothfoam! I've been on the Smoothfoam team for a few years and am always surprised by how many different things are possible with Smoothfoam – you can paint it, glue it, decoupage it, carve it… there's so many options. Today I am sharing 3 easy DIY Christmas ornaments with foam. Smoothfoam!


I used a variety of media on these DIY Christmas ornaments. All of these projects are kid-friendly; wherever I used hot glue, use a white glue instead like Tombow MONO Multi Liquid Glue or Aleene's Tacky Glue. I created a supply list below – you can use these but I also added suggestions for substitutions just in case you don't have these items in your stash. Below is a gird of the images of each product – click those to order these items online.



I gave these Christmas Tree ornaments a mod look with bright colors outlined in black paint pen. I made the tassels for these ornaments but I was distracted while making this video and I didn't catch the whole process on camera. You can use purchased tassels or search YouTube for a DIY tassel video.


These sequin balls were created with sequin trim and hot glue. You can paint the balls to hide the white of the balls if you are messy when it comes to gluing. Use several colors of sequin trim on each ball to make stripes.

Foil-Star-Ornaments-JPriest Foil-Stars-Ornaments-JPriest

These foil star ornaments and super fun to make and you can also make them rainbow. Add a coat of paint to the stars to cover. Then paint on watered down Tombow MONO Multi Liquid Glue. This glue dries tacky so you can press the foils to it later. Use multiple colors of foil to a mottle look or cut strips from the foil to make foiled stripes on the stars.


Here are how to create these three ornaments using Smoothfoam shapes the base:

I hope you enjoyed these fun easy DIY Christmas ornaments – the kids will love making these too! Thanks again for stopping by!

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  1. I have seen it for the first time made of green color ornament that is made of foqam, I have always been watching and making moments made of plastic or other things, but this is the first time I have seen it made from foam.

  2. I love these especially since I HATE cold and winter. it would be very easy for me to embrace desert living haha! Your ornaments are so cute and colorful! My tree is filled with memories – kids ornaments, my ornaments, gift ornaments. I love themed trees though so I have a small one in our bedroom that is vintage jewelry. These are really cute. I’m featuring them at the Best of the Weekend Link Party tonight. Thank you for sharing.

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