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I joined a challenge group this year to “Create More, Spend Less”. As I've been watching the threads in the group, it's more evident to me than ever that it is easy to SAY “use your stash” but in practice, it's really hard for alot of people. Like any change, it's all about making it a habit and then making it a lifestyle. I use my stash all the time and rarely feel an itch to buy more stuff. But it wasn't always that way. That's why I am going to be sharing a number of blog posts about using your stash to do various things you might have done any way. Today I am sharing how to make DIY gift wrap. This post contains affiliate links. I received some product used in this post for free.

DIY Upcycled Gift Box by JustJP

How to Use Your Craft Stash and Stop Hoarding

So here's the deal. When you use your stash, I want you to think of WHEN you got that supply and WHY. This will help you start thinking about this BEFORE you buy. When you pick an item in the store, do you REALLY need to be adding that to the pile of craft supplies in your already full craft room? Here's the story behind the supplies I used:

  • Kraft Paper Box ($$) – it's from Stampin' Up! I believe. I bought it in 2003 or so and HAD to have it. No idea what I was planning to make with it.
  • Acrylic Paint ($$) –  paint in larger bottles like these Martha Stewart chalk paints bu Plaid Crafts are a great value and can be used on projects large and small.
  • Twine (free) – I got this from a blog hop I was on and try to use it as much as possible!
  • Washi Tape ($$) – I had to have this washi tape from Target. It was when they first came out with washi tape in their office supplies section a few years ago. This is the first time I used it and it kind of messed up my project. So then I had to go in with ANOTHER, better washi tape, and cover up all the boo boos.
  • Stamp (free) – my friend sent me her new stamps so I could play with them. In November 2015. This is the first time I am using them.
  • Inkpad (free) – a brand new inkpad from my work with Clearsnap. I have no idea when this ink was released but it was sitting in my drawer all sealed up.


Did you notice that the more recent items I used had a very different story than my older items? It's really rewarding to look back and see how much my craft spending and crafting habits have changed! I am sharing what I spent on the items because this is an important step in stopping the craft hoarding habit. Knowing how much you spent (and wasted) is a good deterrent to continuing that kind of spending.

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Below, I list the supplies I used for this project but I encourage you to find similar items in your stash that you can use up!


Watch this video to see how I decorated this box with supplies from my stash:


Use washi tape to decorate a gift box:

Another way to use your stash is to decorate a bow with washi tape. This is a cleaner, easier “craft”. I actually made this decorated gift box using the same type of box as I did in the painted example above:

I hope this gives you some ideas of ways you can use your stash!

LOVE washi tape crafts? Get this book! “Washi Tape Crafts” BOOK
Like this idea? Check out more ideas here:

Do you have a tip for using up your craft supplies?

Share it in the comments below. Thanks again for stopping by!

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