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Healthy Living with a Bullet Journal and V8 Veggie Blends #V8LlenodeSabor

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At the beginning of every year many of us focus on healthy living. The trick is, making it happen beyond the first week of the year! We've been getting healthier, making better choices and improving our habits not just from generation to generation but each year within our family. The keys to our success have been planning and preparing, keeping products like V8 stocked and ready by visiting our local Walmart. All the planning can sound like alot of work but it is really about treating yourself. Yesterday I kicked off “Treat Yo Self” season here, in preparation for Valentine's Day. Well, living healthy is another way you can “treat yo self”. Today we're sharing how we use bullet journaling and V8 Veggie Blends to stay on track and start the year off healthy!


A few months ago  my daughter Katie told me about bullet journaling. She found some pens in my craft room that are the choice pens for bullet journalers and she just started telling me all about the trend. There's a current planner trend that is HUGE right now, especially on Instagram but I have hesitated getting on that trend because it did not seem practical. Honestly, it looked like ALOT of work. Katie said that I had it all wrong. Bullet journaling is an extremely practical and customizable way to “plan” with a creative twist. All my misconceptions about planners were dispelled when it came to bullet journaling.


Bullet journaling is simple and completely custom.

Bullet journaling is a mixture of planning and journaling that you can use to track your goals, stay healthy, and remember important moments. To get started you'll need:

  • A pencil
  • Several colored pencils
  • A journal
  • Several colored markers or highlighters
  • Washi tape or stickers (advanced)

Pick up all of these supplies plus V8 Veggie Blends conveniently at Walmart. You can find the bullet journaling supplies in the craft and office supply sections of your Walmart store or order online. Sip your favorite V8 Veggie Blends while planning out your week for double the healthy!

How to bullet journal collage

A bullet journal can be lined, blank, grid, or any type of inner pages you like. The pages inside can be used in the following ways:

  • Planning the week – turn 1-2 pages into a weekly calendar by dividing the pages into sections and writing the date at the top of each section. Leave space below the date to write out your plans for the week, write your thoughts for the day, or to journal about what happened that week.
  • Menu Planning – plan your menu, shopping lists, and track your diet in your journal.
  • To do list – draw a column of checkboxes along the left side of the page and write out tasks to the right of each checkbox.
  • Health Goals – Track your water consumption, exercise, food intake, and more. Write the goals on one page. Draw icons of cups and color them in each time you drink water or drink a glass of your favorite V8 Veggie Blends.
  • Inspiration – Write inspirational quotes or positive thoughts to lift you up throughout the week.
  • Doodling
  • Free form – do whatever you want. There are loose guidelines but because you are starting with blank pages, you determine what goes inside of the bullet journal. Put whatever's important to you in the journal.

You can decorate the pages with drawings, lettering, and journaling. Use washi tape, stickers, and stamps to take decorating up a notch. The focus of bullet journaling isn't so much decorating as it is about planning and documenting your life, helping you focus on setting and attaining goals. That's an idea I can totally get behind!


You might have misconceptions about planners like I did. They're much more than just calendars, right? Just like V8 juice drinks are more than tomato juice. I remember as a kid how my grandma used to always have a can of V8 every afternoon as a treat. It was her special drink that she'd enjoy with sliced fruit or slices of cucumber from my grandfather's backyard garden. On the days we went to her house after school, I remember afternoon snack being a regular staple. We'd have fruit or vegetables, maybe even a quesadilla for a treat! It was oh so important to my grandma that she get in her veggies with her daily V8 as we all snacked after school. That habit carried over to me through college and the years I worked an office job. I always had a V8 in my bag!


These days, my family enjoys V8 Veggie Blends any time of day, not just at snack time or at work. My grandma would be tickled pink about all the varieties of V8 we have now, especially the V8 Veggie Blends, available in:

  • Carrot Mango
  • Mandarin Orange Kiwi
  • Healthy Greens
  • Golden Goodness
  • Purple Power

Find V8 Veggie Blends at Walmart

You can find V8 Veggie Blends in all of these flavors in the beverage aisle at your local Walmart. Katie said her favorite is the V8 Veggie Blends Healthy Greens because it has all the nutrients she wants with a taste she loves. I actually love the Purple Power flavor because I like the nutrients it contains plus it tastes much better than eating straight beets.


V8 has a flavor for everyone in the family! I can see us enjoying V8 Veggie Blends at traditional holiday meals and celebrations, like Cinco De Mayo and Mexican Independence Day, throughout the year. The flavorful V8 Veggie Blends beverages compliment spicy foods so well and  I can see everyone in the family enjoying them! These healthy beverages contain 75% juice, 1 full serving of vegetables per 8oz serving, and are an excellent source of antioxidant vitamins A, C, & E which is really helpful when you are trying to eat healthy on the go or during holiday parties.


This year, we're embracing new tools and habits, like bullet journaling and drinking V8 Veggie Blends, to help us be healthy. It's hard to stick to those resolutions so my hope is that sharing these  ideas will help you reach those goals you've set. Drink V8 Veggie Blends from Walmart with your meals or as a snack. Catalog your drinking water intake and the miles you walk with a bullet journal. Get the whole family involved in bullet journaling and practicing healthy habits!

There is more than meets the eye with bullet journaling and V8 Veggie Blends. Both are packed with power to help you make this new year amazing!

Which V8 Veggie Blends will you try?

And do you think bullet journaling is for you? Please let me know in the comments!

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