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Throwback to the 80s with these Beetlejuice Halloween Trees!

Inside: How to create a Beetlejuice Halloween tree display and black wreath for your home, office, or Halloween party.

Nothing screams “Halloween” more than Beetlejuice! This classic 80s movie's been showing up on tees on the backs of mallrats everywhere. So when Treetopia asked me to decorate a “scary” room with Christmas Trees for Halloween, the only choice was “the ghost with the most”: Beetlejuice!

After watching Beetlejuice again for the 800th time, I paired two Treetopia trees and a black wreath to make a stunning homage to Beetlejuice in my front room. This idea would be great for Halloween parties and even Halloween office decorations.

Where to find colorful Christmas Trees

The magic in this vignette is the purple and lavender trees paired with a black wreath.

I found these pre-lit trees and wreath from Treetopia … they offer trees in every color and shape, even orange and upside-down! Last year I decorated an orange tree with a Palm Springs theme but my favorite was this ice cream inspired upside-down Christmas tree.

Are the trees pre-lit?

Both the wreath and trees are pre-lit, making set up super easy peasy.

How does the wreath get power to stay lit?

Send power to the wreath on the door by running the cord to the hinge side of the door and tacking it down along the molding to the outlet. This way the wreath can stay plugged in but the door is completely functional.

black wreath with purple punkims and black & white striped coffins on it with purple bow and shrunken Beetlejuice head inside

Beetlejuice Shrunked Head Wreath

We decorated this black wreath with simple supplies from the dollar store. When we saw a plastic cloche for just $2, we knew it had to have a shrunken head inside!

Here's how to make it:

  1. Paint dollar store pumpkins in shades of purple
  2. Paint coffin shaped boxes with black and white stripes
  3. Attach the coffin boxes to the wreath with floral wire
  4. Attach pumpkins to wreath with sticky dots
  5. Tie a bow with dollar store ribbon and add to the bottom
  6. Use a heat gun to melt and distort a doll head or witch decoration to look like the shrunken head (use caution and follow heat gun manufacturer instructions)
  7. Paint the head with brown paint and add eyes, hair, and shirt with scraps of fabric
  8. Place inside the cloche and nest in the middle of the wreath, tying it down with floral wire
  9. Add glass ball ornaments, secured in place with floral wite

DIY Beetlejuice Christmas Tree Ornaments

Once your trees are set up, it's time for the fun part: decorating!

Fill your tree with a mix of DIY ornaments and store-bought Halloween decorations to create an abundant tree without a ton of work.

Dollar stores have the most affordable on-trend Halloween decor, perfect when you need to buy multiples to decorate a big project like a full Christmas tree.

Here's all of the ornaments we used or created:

Framed Beetlejuice Movie Quotes

Beetlejuice has some of the best movie quotes ever … it's not a Beetlejuice tree without a little snark and humor, am I right?!

We found the best Beetlejuice quotes and turned them into printable quote art. Yup, you can grab these downloads for FREE! [thrive_2step id='30047′]CLICK HERE[/thrive_2step] to subscribe and get them delivered to your inbox now.

[thrive_2step id='30047′]

After printing the quote art, we placed them in open back wood frames we got at the craft store.

“It's Showtime” Sign

Beetlejuice is only on screen for 17.5 minutes during the movie but one of my favorite scenes is where he exclaims “It's Showtime!”

Create a “showtime” sign with a simple wood arrow and Christmas lights.

Black wood aroow with sign with words "It's Showtime" and ping pong ball lights around edge

Here's how:

  1. Drill holes around the perimeter of a wood arrow shape, about 1-1.5″ apart using a 3/4″ or larger drill bit
  2. Paint the sign black
  3. Cut “It's Showtime” letters from white vinyl using an electronic cutter like a Cricut Maker
  4. Use white paint and a thin brush to paint line details around the edge of the sign
  5. Apply vinyl to the center of the sign
  6. Press Christmas lights into the holes
  7. Cut a small X into ping pong balls and slip over the Christmas light bulbs

Striped Coffins

We found coffin shaped boxes at the dollar store … but they were decorated for Dia De Los Muertos. Here's how we “Beetlejuiced” them:

  1. Spray paint the boxes white
  2. Handpaint black stripes to mimic the stripes in Beetlejuice's suit

Giant Sand Worm Christmas Tree Garland

We totally wanted a sandworm for the Christmas trees but making the head was going to be a serious challenge. You can purchase blow up sand worms online but they might be difficult to wrap around the tree and could be punctured by the tree limbs.

Instead, we created a simple tube garland you can make yourself with scissors, felt, and a hot glue gun!

  1. Cut long strips of white felt for the body.
  2. Cut strips of black fabric to layer on as stripes. Glue the strips down.
  3. Layer the two sides of the sandworm body together, roll the edges under, and hot glue together, holding in place to dry with clothespins
  4. Wrap the tube around the tree like a garland, puffing it to give the sandworm body more dimension

Off-the-shelf Halloween Ornaments

We found gorgeous black and orange glass ball ornaments at a local hobby shop who likes to put Christmas ornaments out for sale starting July. Win for us!

I picked up these items at dollar stores:

  • Plastic and rubber bats
  • Plastic yard tombstones in 3 designs
  • Tombstone boxes – we spray painted them white and hand-painted black and white stripes onto them

Giant Felt Tree Skirt

A couple years ago I needed a HUGE tree skirt for my oversized Christmas tree. We used the same technique to make these no-sew tree skirts for under $20 total, including the stripes!

Beetlejuice Hat Tree Topper

We created an over the top tree topper inspired by the carousel hat that Beetlejuice wears in the movie.

The base of the hat is a cylinder-shaped ornament box covered with black and white strips of paper. The “tent” is an umbrella hat painted black and white. A small red toy ball sits on top with a rubber bat sitting atop the whole thing.

We tied glow in the dark dinosaurs to the hat with fishing line to mimic the carousel animals on Beetlejuice's hat.

Bat Tree Topper

I found the best large rubber bats at a local 99 cent store that slipped right on top of the tree. If the bat won't stay up, secure it in place with floral wire.

Want to create this Beetlejuice tree yourself?

Treetopia is giving away a colorful tree just for you!!!

CLICK HERE for the details and to enter now.

See more scary trees from the bloggers in this years' Scary Room Series with Treetopia! CLICK HERE for more …

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  1. “What a spooktacular DIY idea! I absolutely love how you’ve transformed a regular tree into a Beetlejuice-inspired Halloween masterpiece. The attention to detail is incredible, from the hauntingly cute ornaments to the clever use of black and white stripes. This is sure to be the centerpiece of any Halloween party or neighborhood display. Thank you for sharing such a creative and inspiring project! Best wishes, Gary Ford.”

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