GIANT DIY Christmas Tree Skirt for Under $10

I needed a new tree skirt. My beautiful expensive tree skirt smelled like cat pee when we pulled it out of storage this year! Noooooo! Do you know how hard it is to find a nice big tree skirt? These days most of them don't even cover the base of the tree. So I set out on a mission to make a giant DIY tree skirt. Turns out, it's super easy to make an extra large Christmas tree skirt for under $10 with supplies from Walmart. WHAT?! Yes, yes it's true. A giant DIY Christmas tree skirt miracle!

Make a GIANT no-sew Christmas tree skirt. This one is about 6 feet wide, is made from felt, and costs about $10 to make. #SmartFunDIY #ChristmasTree #treeskirt #felt #feltcrafts

This No-Sew DIY tree skirt goes together really easily and you don't even have to be “crafty” to make it!

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Fit all of your gifts under the tree but on top of the tree skirt with the HUGE DIY Christmas Tree Skirt - no sewing involved and costs less than ten dollars to make! #SmartFunDIY #ChristmasTree #treeskirt #felt #feltcrafts

Measuring a little over 6 feet wide, this felt tree skirt will be big enough to catch all the needles from our tree and have space to put gifts on.  Because felt is so dense, it will catch the needles from the tree, glitter from ornaments, and other particles. Carefully run the vacuum right over the felt tree skirt to clean it. You can also machine wash the tree skirt; Kunin Eco-FiPlus™ PremiumFelt washes up beautifully and easily!

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You'll need a few supplies for this Giant DIY Christmas Tree Skirt project, most of which can be found in the sewing aisle of your local Walmart or craft store. If you are a crafter, you probably already have most of the tools listed below. If you don't have them, click the links below to find them online.

How to make a Giant DIY Christmas Tree Skirt

Most tree skirts are too small. Make a GIANT DIY Christmas Tree Skirt for under $10 and in about 10 minutes. This no-sew tree skirt is so EASY! #SmartFunDIY #ChristmasTree #treeskirt #felt #feltcrafts


  • 2 Yards of Kunin Eco-FiPlus™ PremiumFelt, by the yard, 74″ wide in RED (available at Walmart for under $4 a yard or you can CLICK HERE to order online)
  • Scissors
  • String, about 1 yard and 10 inches
  • Marker
  • Safety Pin
  • Measuring Tape

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Here's how to make a giant DIY Christmas tree skirt:

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Here are the steps for making a Giant DIY Christmas Tree Skirt, for your reference:

  1. The felt measures 37″ wide when folded in half (it comes off the bolt in the store folded). Fold the 2 yard piece in half again, the other direction so that the big piece of felt is folded in quarters.
  2. Tie the string to the marker. Measure along the string, 37″ from the marker and put a safety pin through the string.
  3. Put the safety pin through the corner of the felt, where all the folds meet.
  4. Extend the marker from the string so that the end of the marker is touching the felt, as far away from the safety pinned corner as possible. Draw a curved line from one of the the felt to the other by keeping the string taut while drawing with the marker. Remove the safety pin, marker, and string
  5. Trim the felt along the INSIDE of the curve so the marker line won't show.
  6. Cut a curved line at the folded corner of the felt. You can shorten the string to 6″ and repeat the process for drawing the larger curve if you are worried about cutting a perfect curve. I just eyeballed it. This will form a donut shape – a circle with a hole in the middle.
  7. Cut a slit from the outside of the of the donut to the center so that the skirt can be slipped around the bottom of the tree.
  8. Decorate with appliques, puffy paint, ribbon, and trims or just leave the skirt plain. There's no need to add a closure to the skirt – overlap the ends of the skirt slightly and press together with your fingers. The grabby nature of felt will keep the skirt in place.

If you want to sew a tree skirt, I recommend this DIY Tree Skirt Tutorial from Design Sponge.

How BIG is your tree!? Let me know in the comments!! And if you MAKE this Giant DIY Christmas Tree Skirt, please head over to our Facebook Page and share your photo there!!

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Most tree skirts are too small. Make a GIANT DIY Christmas Tree Skirt for under $10 and in about 10 minutes. This no-sew tree skirt is so EASY! #SmartFunDIY #ChristmasTree #treeskirt #felt #feltcrafts    Most tree skirts are too small. Make a GIANT DIY Christmas Tree Skirt for under $10 and in about 10 minutes. This no-sew tree skirt is so EASY! #SmartFunDIY #ChristmasTree #treeskirt #felt #feltcrafts

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  1. This was unbelievably easy!!! The six foot circle is huge and plenty big for a 10′ real tree! I cannot believe how many years I put up with a REALLY ugly skirt I made about 30 years ago… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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