50+ Super Fun And Creative Rock Painting Ideas

Rock painting ideas … we got them! Painting rocks is a huge trend … and super fun summer activity with the kids. I gathered over 50 clever and cute rock painting ideas to share with you in one place!! But what are people doing with all of these cool painted rocks? As someone who loves smart practical DIY projects I wanted to figure out some ways to use these really fun colorful rocks. Check out these stone painting ideas to see how you can actually get the most from your painted decorative rocks obsession.

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50 rock painting ideas collage

If you've ever wondered what to paint on a rock, get ready for over 50 inspirational stone painting ideas.

Rock painting ideas for kids – Make Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

Can you imagine how happy the kids will be to have painted rocks of their favorite characters? Rock painting is a great craft to do with the kids.

rock painting ideas for kids - cartoon characters

Cartoon Character Painted Rock Ideas:

image transfer rocks that look like garden gnomes

monsters and unicorns painted on rocks

Imaginary Character Painted Rock Ideas:

These ideas are great … but this has even more!!

Painted Rocks for the Kindness Rocks Project

Have you heard of The Kindness Rocks Project?  It is taking the nation by storm! You can plan one in your neighborhood and brighten someone's day or use this idea as a scavenger hunt with the neighborhood kids. I love this children's story that explains how it works, through the eyes of a 7 year old girl who paints rocks.

painted rocks for kindness project

Painted Rocks Treasure Hunt – Parent Map

Want to make these with your kids? Starting with this will make it easy peasy …

Photo Holders made from Painted Stones

A photo holder is a great gift idea. Have the kids paint a pretty rock and add their picture to it, then give it to that special someone as a great personalized gift!

photo holders with painted stones

How to make photo holders from painted rocks:

Jewelry Rock Painting Ideas

Why not? make painted rocks into fun custom jewelry. I can't get over how cute that strawberry ring is!

painted rock jewelry ideas collage

Jewelry ideas made with painted rocks:

DIY Painted Rock Paper Weights

Paperweights are a classic handmade idea that everyone could use. Perfect for parents to keep on their desk at work or home.

acrylic pour rock paperweights

How to make paperweights with painted rocks:

Home Decor Rock Painting Ideas

Adding hand painted stones to potted plants really adds interest and a personal touch.

painted rocks in plant and zen garden

  • Hand Painted Rocks – Make and Do Crew
  • Fill A Vase With Painted Stones: Turn a plain glass vase into a treasured family memory jar with rocks from all your vacations over the years. Write the place, date and a special memory on the rock. Imagine looking back on these years later? Memory Jar – Love This Pic
  • Make A Personalized Zen Garden: We could all use a little zen in our life. How about a personalized desk top zen garden? So cute for your work cubicle or home office. Etsy – Mini Zen Garden

Pebble Painting Ideas for the Garden

The little lady bug painted rocks look adorable in a garden path. They are simple enough that the kids could make these as well. How about drawing little critters on rocks to place in a walkway? Adorable!

pebble painting ideas for the garden - collage

Create Painted Rock Animals

Rock Animals are so popular and you are only limited by your imagination. From owls to mice-even your own koi pond!

painted rock animals - collage

Line Up Painted Rocks On A Windowsill

If you work in an office you can line them up on the top of your cubicle. How about making one every year to celebrate your child's birthday? Date the rock and have one from each year. You can even paint the rock something that the child likes that year-like a favorite cartoon or animal. The Blues – Geninne's Art Blog

Collect And Paint Rocks From Your Favorite Vacation

This is another great vacation idea. Have each family member paint a rock with their favorite memory of that vacation. Vacation Memories Painted Rocks – B Inspired Mama


Painted Rock Ideas for kids: Games and Kids Activities

You can create tic-tac-toe pieces or make double sided memory games with rocks. Love the chess board idea! Keep the rocks in a cute little pot or box on your patio table for friends and family to play with during a barbecue. Another great way to use painted rocks with kids is to create puzzles, number and color rocks. Make learning fun!

painted rock ideas for kids - collage

Affirmation Stone Rock Painting Ideas

This is also another great gift idea. Paint rocks with inspirational messages or quotes and place them in a small wooden box or velvet bag.

affirmation stone painting idea

Holiday Painted Rock Ideas

You can make painted rocks for different Holidays. Get the kids together on a weekend for a craft day. They will get a kick out of this. The addition of the googly eyes is so cute!

halloween painted rock ideas

Wall Art Rock Painting Ideas

A unique and colorful way to display your painted rocks is to create wall art. So many cool ideas!

painted rock wall art - collage

kids room decor painted rock wall art ideas

Make a Painted Rock Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are so popular and fairy gardens made out of painted rocks are just adorable!

painted rock fairy garden

painted rocks fairy garden

Painted Fairy Garden Rocks – The Whoot

Magnet Rock Painting Ideas

Use rare earth magnets to turn small painted rocks into really cute magnets. Add eyes for a 3-D effect!

colorful painted rocks magnets

  • Rock Monster Pebbles – Coastalways (the blog is now gone but the tutorial way to paint the rocks, glue on googly eyes, and then add magnets to the back)
  • Rock Magnets – Alisa Burke

Mosaic Rock Painting Ideas

We love the idea of using stones and sea glass to create a gorgeous stepping stone. You can also fill the back of a wood canvas tray or even do a table top with your painted rocks.

painted rock mosaics

Cactus Painted Rock Ideas

A rock painted cactus plant makes a perfect gift and the best part is you never have to water it! Another great idea to place on your desk or even in a window.

painted rock cactus - collage

Garden Marker Rock Painting Ideas

Painted rocks are a great idea to use in your herb garden to identify what you planted and are much prettier than the little tags that come with the plant. Rock garden markers also bring a nice pop of color to your garden!

painted rock garden markers

There are many great painted rock ideas right? Which one is your favorite? I have to say I am partial to the painted fairy rock gardens! We hope you enjoyed these useful ideas for how to use painted rocks.  If you have an idea that is not listed here, leave a comment and let me know what it is. I would love to hear it!

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50 painted rocks ideas collage

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  1. Oh, my God! What a great list! We love painting rocks when we have time. We just recently finished some bee and ladybug rocks. 🙂

  2. So cute! Painting rocks is a fun activity for all ages. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. So many great ideas! We made pet rocks last year and my boys chose to paint a bird, a turtle, and a fish skeleton. Thanks so much for sharing with us at the Summer Time Fun Party. Pinned.

  4. I thought the minion rock paintings were the cutest But then yet I think they all are super cute especially the trolls.

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