Stan Lee’s Comikaze

While I was recovering from surgery, Katie, Matthew, and Xaver went to Stan Lee's Comikaze. Today, Katie is guest blogging here at Hydrangea Hippo to share her experience as she wore the Dalek dress we made last month (Dalek Dress Tutorial). You can find out more about Katie on her blog, Three Mint Balloons. Introducing guest blogger, Katie Priest:

comikaze banner

So my dad, brother and I went to Stan Lee's Comikaze for the second year in a row. It was so much fun and amazing!  This year I decided to cosplay as Dalek:

Dalek Edit

It was really cool to have people to ask to take pictures of you and with you!

Dr, Who cosplayers, the 11th Doctor and Amy, pose with Katie in her Dalek Dress
Dr. Who cosplayers, the 11th Doctor and Amy, pose with Katie in her Dalek Dress

Matthew even got to take his pictures with Spongebob and Patrick:

2014-11 Stan Lee Comikaze (14)
Matthew with Patrick Star and Spongebob Squarepants at Stan Lee's Comikaze

This year was so much fun and was a lot bigger than last year, but it so much fun.

I found so  many people who like the same stuff I do at this expo.  I also learned about so many shops to go see in the L.A area that carry Doctor Who and Harry Potter products.

I really hope we go back next year. If you like cosplay, sci-fi, and pop culture, then you should check out Comikaze next time it's in town. I just might see you there ­čśë

Who is your favorite sci-fi character?


Visit Katie's blog at ThreeMintBalloons.com

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