How to Make An Emmet Costume from the Lego Movie

If you have a boy between the age of 5 and 12 and they saw the Lego Movie, you probably heard these words:

” I wanna be Emmet for Halloween!!!!”

But have you SEEN the prices of these flimsy Emmet costumes? And then, most of them are just repurposed “construction worker” costumes or a sweatshirt printed to look like Emmet's torso. Lame. I figured I could make an Emmet costume for less money than buying one and in a more accurate way than all of the “block figure” knock-off costumes. This costume cost me $15 to make and will last a couple of years, And if it does not last, no biggie – it didn't cost a ton.

DIY Emmet Costume by Jennifer Priest LEGO Movie Collage title

Step One: Find Materials

I figured it would be best if the costume was flexible. Also, the shirt part I figured I could get away with a long sleeve blue shirt. I got the shirt at Goodwill for 99 cents (score!) and decided to build the rest with fun foam and duct tape.

Step Two: Building

Fun Foam likes to tear and well, with Matthew, it would DEFINITELY tear. I decided to reinforce the Fun Foam with cardboard. I adhered the foam to the card board with hot glue. It was important that Matthew be able to move in the costume so I  decided that a sandwich board style top would be good. For the legs, we would make panels to cover the thighs and calves and secure them with straps made from duct tape and Velcro. We found a construction hat, also foam, at Hobby Lobby but it was yellow. I later found red ones in the $1 Spot at Target. I painted the yellow foam hat red with two coats of basic craft paint, in red.

Step Three: Fitting

We made adjustments as needed, tightening and shortening things. This costume is great because it can grow with your kids or be used as a hand me down for several years.

DIY Emmet Costume by Jennifer Priest LEGO Movie 3

Want to make your own Emmet Costume? Just watch this handy dandy video I made showing the process from start to finish:


  • Fun Foam in Orange x 4 Sheets
  • Fun Foam in Silver Glitter x 1 Sheet
  • Duct Tape in Orange (it seems the only solid non-neon orange is Duck Brand's Scented Orange Creme Tape)
  • Westcott Non-Stick Scissors
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Glue Gun
  • Foam Construction Hat
  • Red Acrylic Paint (to change the color of the hat if needed)
  • Foam Paint Brush

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