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Polaroid Snap Touch Review

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Katie Priest here, with a guest post about the NEW Polaroid Snap Touch camera. I was so excited when I got my hands on Polaroid Snap Touch, a new classic in the making! First off, it’s adorable. And it performed even better than I imagined. Want to know what makes the Polaroid Snap Touch so special? Keep reading to see my full review!

What better place to take the Polaroid Snap Touch for a test run than the County Fair?! It’s crowded and colorful, bustling and fun, plus the light changes as the sun sets, giving lots of opps for seeing how Polaroid Snap Touch performs in low light situations. The snappy design fits easily in a pocket or clutch, making it easy to take on any adventure. But first, let's talk about the specs …

Polaroid, it's the ultimate in brand name recognition and brings back memories of the classic Polaroid 600 from years gone by. Taking a quick pic through your smart phone is one way to commemorate new memories, but there's something about taking a picture and then instantly holding it in your hand that brings real joy to people of all ages.
The new Polaroid Snap Touch is recreating classic instant photography. Now you can snap, print and share your pictures instantly with all the nostalgia of the classic Polaroid print technology, but with the quality of new modern digital photography. It's compact, fits in your pocket and is budget-friendly!

Polaroid Snap Touch's 10 Megapixels, 32 GB Micro SD memory saves every photo as digital and also allows you to print it out Zink Zero Ink technology providing beautiful, clear 2″ x 3″ full color prints. You can snap your picture and have a printed image in your hands in about 35 seconds. What else? You can take 1080 HD video, use the built-in selfie mirror and benefit from the pop-up flash for low-light memory-making!

The Polaroid Snap Touch harmonizes a desire to have a fun camera, instant prints and video memories all in one. It would be perfect for kids, teens, wedding table memories, family vacations and so much more! With app-driven creative & new Bluetooth connectivity, snap one up for $179.99 at Ritz Camera (receive free shipping too) and share your pictures instantly! Choose between blue, red, white and black. You can even upgrade your memory to 128 GB with a Polaroid 128GB Elite Pro MicroSDXC UHS-1 Card with Adapter!

Get 10% off all ZINK paper at Ritz Camera with code: JPZINK through February 28, 2018!!! CLICK HERE to learn more!

Before you get started, you’ll need to set up the Polaroid Snap Touch.  Set up is super easy; just follow the guide that comes with the Polaroid Snap Touch. I especially loved how easy it was to load the paper.

We couldn’t wait to start testing out Polaroid Snap Touch … my friends and I started snapping pics as soon as we got to the Fair! With the easy to access power button, taking photos was a breeze. There are three color modes: black and white, normal, and vintage sepia tone. You can choose to print with the Polaroid Classic Border Logo or not. And the photo booth feature is a super fun way to take six quick pictures in a row in just ten seconds.I also totally loved the magnetic lens cap; I can’t tell how you many times I've almost lost a lens cap on a trip!

Taking and printing a photo with Polaroid Snap Touch is super easy:

  1. Turn on the Polaroid Snap Touch camera
  2. Take a photo
  3. Edit how you please with pre loaded filters
  4. Click the mini printer icon in the right corner
  5. Select the number of copies you want
  6. Watch the magic happen!!

When you think Polaroid, you might think that you have to print each photo as you take it. Polaroid has come a long way since my mom’s days … now you can save photos digitally, print multiples at once, and print single images all with Polaroid Snap Touch. I really love the fact that you can print out multiple photos at once so you don't have to worry about sending the digital pics to your friends later! Just print out a print for each person and hand them out in the moment without missing anything.

In low light, Polaroid Snap Touch performed surprisingly well. Here are some of the nighttime shots we got at the fair:

I just graduated high school so I plan to make the most of this summer by creating memories with my friends and family. Polaroid Snap Touch is going to be the perfect companion for capturing and sharing those memories no matter where we go.

We have big plans to hit up the Santa Monica Pier, Venice, all the beaches, and maybe even some of the touristy LA hot spots we never go to as locals. Past this summer, I see myself using it as an alternative to the DSLR … Polaroid Snap Touch is lightweight and easy to carry plus you can print right away (no Photoshop needed!).

Polaroid Snap Touch is a great choice if you want a quick way to capture images and share the prints and digital files quickly with friends and family. Maybe you’re taking a vacation or just hanging with friends locally … if you want an easy to use, all-in-one printer + camera solution, Polaroid Snap Touch has you covered. See you around town as I’m snapping!

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Polaroid Snap Touch Camera REVIEW - how does it work in low light? Is it good for vacations? When would you use it? Get the FULL DETAILS and a coupon code here!

Polaroid Snap Touch Camera REVIEW - how does it work in low light? Is it good for vacations? When would you use it? Get the FULL DETAILS and a coupon code here!

Polaroid Snap Touch Camera REVIEW - how does it work in low light? Is it good for vacations? When would you use it? Get the FULL DETAILS and a coupon code here!

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