Duct Tape Feather Necklace – Tribute to Prince

I am really really excited that you are here! This year we have seen some of our favorite musicians and artists pass away so I got together a group of fellow music-loving bloggers to create tribute projects to honor those who have passed. Prince inspired this duct take feather necklace that is easy to make and has a rock edge to it.


How can you translate inspiration from your favorite musician into a craft or DIY project?

  • Use their colors. Purple is synonymous with Prince so of course, I used purple for this necklace!
  • Use their motifs. Prince's aesthetic was a mixed of hard and soft, rock and romantic. I used soft “feathers” and chain to replicate that feeling in this necklace
  • Use their genre. If an artist is punk, use spike. If an artist is bohemian, use jute and beads. For country, use leather and turquoise stones.

Supplies for creating this necklace are really easy to find, even at Walmart!

The supplies for this project are really easy to find, and if you can't find them, you can make them.


I wanted feathers for this necklace but could not find them in the color and size I needed so I made them from duct tape! Watch this video to see how:

Here are all of the supplies you'll need to make this necklace:

Duct Tape: Any brand of duct tape will do and any colors. Just choose at east 3 patterns or colors that coordinate for your design.

Eye Pins: These are the base of the dust tape feathers.

Non-stick scissors: These are for cutting the duct tape. You can use any scissors but they tend to gum up with the tape. My favorite non-stick scissors are by Westcott Brand. I tried the Fiskars new Duck Tape brand scissors and they work okay but not as great as the Westcott Brand scissors.

Chain: get a pre-fab chain with a clasp or attach a clasp to a piece of chain with jewelry tools.

Jump Rings: To attach chain pieces and duct tape feathers to the chain.

Chain Fringe or Chain Pieces: I found a jewelry component from Cousin Corp that was a piece of chain with chain fringe already attached to it. I used this behind the duct tape feathers on the necklace. If you don't have chain fringe, you can cut various chain into 2.5″ long pieces and attach to the necklace with jump rings to create your own fringe.

How to make a Duct Tape Feather Necklace:

Watch this video to see how I put together the duct tape feathers and chain to create a quick and easy Prince inspired necklace:

Fun, right?! Duct tape feathers might not be for everyone but when you are hearing doves cry, you can make this and channel your inner Prince.


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Musician Tribute

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  1. Wonderful and cute feathers!
    My fave singer would be
    Blake Shelton! Waiting on
    his new album.
    Carla from Utah

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