Funny Christmas Sweaters for Everyone!

I just about exploded with glee when I got an email from Tipsy Elves asking me if I wanted to try their funny Christmas sweaters. Um, YEAH!!!! I gathered the whole family around to check out their website and just about fell out of my seat at the hilarity. Also, I had to type with one hand so I could cover Matthew's sweet baby eyes when we got to the, errr, let me call it “inappropriate reindeer” sweaters. Birds and the bees, that's a few years away for that little guy … but back to the sweaterfest. Christmas is right around the corner and there's no need to go “ugly”. Get a funny Christmas sweater from Tipsy Elves!


This unicorn sweater was one of my favorites. Katie loved this Kardashian spoof:


We thought it would be hilarious to do some fun poses in our funny Christmas sweaters. We are not gonna send out cards this year (right, who are we kidding?) so why not make a silly video of all of our TipsyElves “Christmas looks” to send out to family and friends over social media? The Christmas letter for 2015. Get on board, people, get on board already.

We reenacted the good, the bad, and the spanky moments of 2015 and made photographic evidence in our ridiculous sweaters. Actually, these sweaters are surprisingly well made, and have a hefty weight to them – I feel like it says QUALITY. Yeah, in all caps. Our video sure BEATS a Christmas letter! Plus, who reads anymore? Not I and not you because you're just looking at the pictures and my snazzy video in this Christmas post, aren't you?  So, in an effort to tell you the full story, I decided to share a tale ….


A mom's struggle to get a family Christmas photo

Twas' the night before Las Posadas and all through the house, the teenager was texting and ignoring her mom. (Okay, I tried the rhyming thing and it was just too hard.)


When all of a sudden we heard a great sound…


“I farted!” blurted the little boy. Well, I'm sure mothers everywhere can relate, we had to take a short break to evacuate.


Once the windows were opened and Febreeze sprayed, we got back to posing with our Christmas sweaters displayed.


The crew went back to the 90s and brought on the serious cheese. I should have expected this from the guy who thought his high school high top fade was fly.


And then there were cats. They totally didn't want to be in our photos.

Tipsy-Elves-Funny-Christmas-Sweater-Family-Photo-JPriest-7 Tipsy-Elves-Funny-Christmas-Sweater-Family-Photo-JPriest-8

And then we learned about a new TV show they've been thinking about on Discovery Channel: When Cats Attack.

Tipsy-Elves-Funny-Christmas-Sweater-Family-Photo-JPriest-9 Tipsy-Elves-Funny-Christmas-Sweater-Family-Photo-JPriest-10 Tipsy-Elves-Funny-Christmas-Sweater-Family-Photo-JPriest-11

Adventure Kitty is totally gonna kill us with her laser eyes one day.


Oh no. The little one is smiling again.


“I farted AGAIN”!


Dear Lord, Katie's glasses are fogging up from this one!


So after the room aired out AGAIN, we tried this pose Matthew dreamed up: Catching Snow.


And then things got out of hand. People started choking each other. You can only smell so many farts before it all hits the fan.


All was right in the world after a little spanking of the little brother and laughing by the evil older sister (*no children were harmed in the making of this blog post. Sweaters were harmed though. You should be very concerned about the sweaters).



Ahh, balance is achieved. Except when one smiles nice, the other two look crazy. And then there's the kid always looking like his eye is lazy.

2015-12-17 22.55.31

Xaver wore my favorite, the cat with laser eyes blowing up the North Pole sweater, to work for their Ugly Sweater contest. Um, he won. No surprise there. “Sweater most likely we'll all buy”. Darn tootin'! Santa and Mrs. Claus approved. Here are the sweaters we ordered – please note they do have children's sizes but we just used an adult size on Matthew.




If you want to get some funny Christmas sweater action on, head on over to and order right now. There's all levels of hilarious and offensive available in pajamas, sweaters, and, for the ladies, granpda cardigans. Thank goodness TipsyElves ships impresively fast so you still got time to make holiday sweater magic happen.

Thanks again for stopping by!

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