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When we were kids, my dad taught my sister and I the importance of regular oil changes to keep the car running well. He grew up in a Mexican household where the men did everything. Since my dad had girls, he wanted us to be independent and not have to depend on a man for everything like car care like he saw in his extended family growing up. Knowing how to change the oil and why to change it helps us stay safe on the road whether we're in town or driving 700 miles on a road trip, like Katie and I did this summer.  I'm teaching the same things to my kids – Katie is getting her license this month so we're talking about all things cars in my house right now. Before my sister and I were allowed to drive on our own, we had to learn how to change the oil on all five of my parent's vehicles, which also meant my parents got free in-house oil changes, on us. One time, while changing the oil on the old 66 Ford Truck (which I now own), my sister dropped the oil filter on my face while I was waiting under the truck for her to hand the filter to me from above. I had oil in my hair for days. I think she did it on purpose! These days, I no longer climb under the car myself to change the oil, even though I could. I take my car to Walmart to get service while I shop.  Did you know that you can get your oil changed at Walmart with oil off the shelf? They call it bottle service at our Walmart. Choose your favorite oil, like Quaker State, from the shelf in the Auto Care Center in Walmart and the Service Center will use that oil to service your car.


Getting your oil changed at Walmart is convenient and affordable especially since you can get your oil changed with your favorite oil, like Quaker State. Last week I went to our local Hesperia Walmart to get an oil change and I chose Quaker State Defy High Mileage oil for my car. My car has over 225,000 miles on it and is still going strong thanks to the regular maintenance I make sure gets done. That includes oil changes every 3,000 miles for my particular car. I bought my last two cars brand new and drove them close to 300,000 miles each due to the lessons in car care I learned as a kid. I got my money's worth out of those cars and then some! I remember being in the Army at age 18 and two of my fellow soldiers literally blew up the engines in their cars because their parents did not teach them about car maintenance. One was my roommate – she bought a brand new car and after 14,000 miles, had not changed the oil once so her car engine exploded and she had to pay $4,000 to fix it. I mean, any of them could have the read the book that comes with the car … at the end of the day, I never want my kids to be that clueless about car maintenance. It's an expensive lesson that really doesn't need to be learned the hard way – oil changes are much more affordable than replacing the engine. It's so easy nowadays to get your oil changed and the technicians at the Walmart Service Center will give you advice as well as alert you to other problems with your car if they see them. They really take the guesswork out of it, even placing a sticker in the windshield with the date and mileage of when you should get the oil changed again. I take my kids with me to get the oil changed so they know what is going on, what they need to do, and what to expect at the Service Center. I think auto care is part of making sure your teen driver is educated and ready to go out into the world. She'll have more freedom and confidence knowing her car is taken care of and you can rest easy about it too.


You can get Quaker State oil at Walmart in the 1 quart size or the 5 quart jug in the Auto Care Center inside the Walmart. Choose the oil from the shelf and then take it to the counter in the Lube Center to have the technicians change your oil with your choice of oil.  I pulled up at the Auto Care Center, was greeted by staff, and then told them I wanted Quaker State. They knew just what to do!



While I was waiting for my oil to be changed, I started talking to this guy who was getting the oil changed on his Lexus. He was heading home to Los Angeles from a trip to Las Vegas and needed an oil change so he stopped off at our Walmart for service; we are about 2.5 hours south of Las Vegas and an hour from Los Angeles. He was only there 30 minutes from start to finish. He said he chose Walmart because the cost to change his oil was about half of what other shops were charging due to his car's make and model and he wanted to get his oil changed before heading into the Cajon Pass. Smart dude. One of the things I see out here in the High Desert all the time is people broke down because the terrain and climate are tough on cars. People don't prepare well for the long trip into the desert. There are not alot of services between here and Las Vegas to the northeast or between here and Rancho Cucamonga to the south so a quick stop at Walmart can help you make sure your fluids are topped off, your oil is fresh, and even your windshield is clean before you hit the road.  Yeah, they clean the windshield and vacuum out the car too!

4th of July Will Rogers State Beach JPriest Sitting on Beach

We use my car for everything from carting supplies for home improvement projects to trips to the beach with my kids, niece, and nephews, like we did on 4th of July in the photo above. Changing the oil at Walmart is not only convenient but makes me a better informed driver about my car. I can rest assured it will run well when I am in charge of the maintenance. That to me is independence – being in charge and responsible for my own vehicle. I think it is important for women to know about oil changes and taking care of their car. The convenience of getting your oil changed while you shop at Walmart is definitely something unique – at other oil change places you just have to wait an hour or two and pass the time by playing Candy Crush on your phone.  Us busy moms don't have time for that!

Next time you're looking to get your oil changed, take your car to Walmart. Choose your favorite quality oil, like Quaker State, right of the self and then shop in the store while your car is getting serviced. It's high powered multi-tasking that would make your mama or papa proud!

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  1. Great story, I wouldn’t dare to change my car oil myself, lol but I always wanted to learn!! Luckily Walmart and Quaker State Oil got my back 🙂 #client

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