25 Treats to Eat at Knott’s Merry Farm

Knott's Chicken Dinner is the thing of legends. But there's so much more to eat at Knott's Merry Farm during the holidays.  I bit the bullet for you, going off the keto diet to sample all of the carbolicious Knott's Merry Farm treats and eats to find the best food to eat at Knott's.

Latin themed foods

Knott's honors their Southern California roots with traditional Latin food and Mexican dishes like tamales and elotes for the holiday season.

Holiday Elotes

Holiday Elote

The holiday elote brings together trendy green Zombie Takis and red Hot Cheetos, Knott's signature bosyenberry mayo, and traditional cotija cheese to make an incredible tri-color elote experience! Yes, I caught that it looks like a Mexican flag … did you?

Beef Tamales

Beef tamale

The Knott's Beef Tamale is full of traditional flavor with a red sauce on top and tender shredded beef in the center.


Chicken Tamale

Topped with delicious chile verde sauce, this juicy shredded chicken tamale is my favorite of the 3 holiday tamales at Knott's Merry Farm. Bonus, you don't have to unwrap these tamales from the corn husks!

Sweet Corn tamale

I'm not a big fan of sweet tamales but I could not stop eating this tasty treat. Sweet corn with a hint of pineapple and a delicious sweet glaze make this dessert tamale irresistible!

Turkey Dinner themed foods

Christmas and Thanksgiving are all about the turkey dinner! Knott's re-imagined the traditional turkey dinner into new treats the whole fam is gonna love.

Turkey Dinner Bites

Turkey Dinner Bites

Nicknamed “turkey bombs” by my family, these drool-worthy Turkey Dinner Bites are a dollop of cranberry sauce surrounded by turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, deep fried, then drenched in a delicious turkey gravy.

Turkey Dinner Pizza

Turkey Dinner Pizza

It really does taste like turkey dinner!

Holiday Turkey Sandwich

Turkey Sandwich

Everything you love about turkey dinner on a delicious tasted hoagie roll.

Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Pie Shakes

It's not fall without pumpkin pie. Knott's puts their delicious pumpkin pie into a blender to create better-than-pumpkin-spice pumpkin pie shakes, crust and all. I would have taken a picture but I drank it too fast. Oops.

Turkey Corn Dogs

Mini turkey dogs deep-fried in a turkey batter are the perfect walking-around snack.

Thanksgiving Egg Roll

Turkey Dinner Egg Roll

All the fixings from turkey dinner are rolled in an egg roll wrapper and deep-fried. Dip this turkey egg roll in boysenberry sauce for a flavor explosion. So good, I ate two … and no, they are not low-carb!

Turkey Dinner Poutine

Turkey Dinner Poutine

Salty, scrumptious poutine topped with turkey dinner fixin's like cranberry sauce for a totally delicious flavor experience.

Holiday Desserts

Knott's has several on-site bakeries baking up all of your sugarplum dreams.

Holiday Churro

Holiday Churro

Dipped in chocolate and Christmas sprinkles, these holiday churros are handmade on site and taste homemade. Paired with a hot chocolate and you'll feel like you're in abuela's house.

Snoopy Sugar Cookie

Sugar Cookies

Knott's has some of the cutest sugar cookies! I'm not usually a fan of sugar cookies but these are the softest sugar cookies I've ever had, with just enough sugar in the dough and royal icing that they taste good but not overpowering. Plus they're darn cute!

Snowman Cookie

Yule Log Yule Log

Yule Log

Get retro with a holiday yule log cake with vintage style plastic decorations on top.

Holiday Danish

Delicate puff pastry surrounds and berry and cream center … delicious with a coffee as you watch the tree lighting ceremony!

Holiday Crepes

Traditional crepes with a Knott's twist: fresh boysenberry topping!


Get cupcakes decorated with your favorite holiday motifs or Peanuts gang characters.


Choose from holiday themed donuts or Knott's classics like their boysenberry glazed donut!

Holiday Cakes Holiday Cake at Knott's Berry Farm

Snowman Cake


Order the cake for your holiday party from Knott's. Yes, they can do that!

Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread Houses

Stroll in the shopping area right outside of Knott's for more holiday baked goods, like these handmade gingerbread houses!

Classic Knott's Foods

It's not Knott's without lots of boysenberries and fried chicken. Knott's invented the boysenberry and celebrate it every year with their Boysenberry Festival. You can enjoy all things boysenberry all year long at Knott's.

Boysenberry Pie

Boysenberry Pie

Classic boysenberry pie is available year round at Knott's. Surprise everyone with a boysenberry pie for Christmas dinner this year!

Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner

Outside the Farm you can enjoy a traditional friend chicken dinner with all the fixings at Mrs. Knott's restaurant. Grab this hearty dinner and rest your feet before heading back in to Knott's Merry Farm for all of the nighttime festivities.

Boysenberry donut

We first tried this boysenberry donut at the Boysenberry Festival and it's quickly become a family favorite. The sweet, slightly tangy flavor of the boysenberries compliments to sweet doughnut perfectly!

Funnel Cakes

Fair food is Knott's specialty and they knock it out of the park with their delicious funnel cakes.  The line for the cakes is always long but its's oh so worth it.

Boysenberry Soft Serve

Grab a cone or an ice cream cookie sandwich, Knott's has boysenberry soft serve on tap all year long!

Boysenberry Ice Cream Sandwich

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