Air Fryer Banana Chips – Avalon Bay Deluxe AirFryer AB-AirFryer100R – Mini Convection Oven Review

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Over the summer we got an air fryer! It's sounds funny, right? An air fryer is an appliance for your kitchen that cooks food with hot air as an alternative to frying the food in oil. I recently received an Avalon Bay Deluxe AirFryer AB-AirFryer100R – Mini Convection Oven from Air & Water and we decided to put it to the test with some of our favorite snacks. The winning snack was our chocolate covered Air Fryer Banana Chips! There's also a recipe book available for the AirFryer which I'll link to below.


Experimenting with the Air Fryer

A few Christmases ago we bought a bucket style fryer to make chicken wings. The greasy fry pot turned out to be the grossest messiest appliance to clean and well, we've only used it the one time because of it. Even though on paleo we can eat certain oils, I still like to limit the amount of oil we eat and I was thinking the Avalon Bay Deluxe AirFryer AB-AirFryer100R – Mini Convection Oven can help us with that for sure.

For our Air Fryer test drive, we decided to try cooking three things in it:

  • Potatoes and French Fries
  • Zucchini
  • Bananas

AirFryer Fries and Potatoes

Our first attempt at air frying potatoes was a bust. We just sliced potatoes, added salt and pepper, and threw them in the fryer. They were as bland as that sounds. The resulting “chips” had very little flavor because we didn't use enough spices. Also, the texture was almost like popcorn and not much like a potato chip.

We then decided to try cooking french fries. On the french fries, we added spices and tossed them in a bit of olive oil before placing them in the Air Fryer. They turned out wonderfully, with a crisp outside that tasted baked, not fried, but still had a nice bit of crunch.


To cook fries, set the Avalon Bay Deluxe AirFryer AB-AirFryer100R – Mini Convection Oven to 400°F and cook the fries for fifteen minutes or until golden brown and crispy.

AirFryer Zucchini

Zucchini is one of our favorite vegetables so we thought we could make zucchini chips. These do contain olive oil but much less than if they were deep fried. Here's how:


Toss zucchini slices in olive oil to coat.


Add spices and toss to coat.



To cook the zucchini, we set the Avalon Bay Deluxe AirFryer AB-AirFryer100R – Mini Convection Oven to 400°F and cooked them for twenty minutes, until crispy.

Air Fryer Banana Chips

This was the easiest and best recipe we made in the Air Fryer. Slice bananas, cook them in the Air Fryer, and allow to cool. Dip the cool banana chips in melted chocolate and eat right away!


Watch the video below to see how we made these chocolate dipped banana chips:

Pat the banana slices as dry as possible with paper towels BEFORE putting in the air fryer. If they are overripe or have too much moisture, they will stay mushy or burn.

Cook the banana slices in the Air Fryer at 350°F for 10 minutes. Every couple of minutes, open the basket and shake the banana chips to make sure they don't stick.  Then dip them in melted dark chocolate, allowing them to cool on a baking sheet lined with wax paper. Once cool, we ate them! Find more recipes for using the Avalon Bay Deluxe AirFryer AB-AirFryer100R – Mini Convection Oven here: Air Fryer Recipe E-Book


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  1. Interesting, I have to say that I never heard of this product. Like you, I heard of the fry daddy type products but I didn’t buy one, my ex did and I didn’t like the clean up and the fat and I never used it. Trying to think what else to make in there… that would taste good… not big in veggies.. so far the bananas sound good, does it like dehydrate them?

    1. You might need to pat them dry a bit before putting them into the air fryer. If they are older bananas, they might be too mushy.

    2. agreed, it does not matter what you do to them. an air fryer will not provide a crispy banana chip unless the banana is some how already desiccated

  2. my bananas were borderline raw and very much patted dry. salted as well to remove additional moisture. banana chips do not come out crispy in an air fryer

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