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The Definitive Millenial Gift Guide 2015 – for girls and guys #giftguide

Are you ready for some Christmas shopping?? I’m teaming up with a bunch of your favorite bloggers to bring you the ultimate Holiday Gift Guide with gifts for everyone on your list! We are taking out all the guesswork for you this year so you can have an easy season of giving; I am tackling buying gifts for Millenials. Each blogger picked a different theme to shop for and included links to all their favorite gift items.  Hop around to all of the links and you can get all your Christmas shopping done from your couch. This millenial gift guide covers both men and women so keep reading …


I’m shopping for the Millenial in your life, which was easy for me since I have lots of millenials to buy for in my family.  All I had to do was compile a wishlist of what the millenials in our family have said they would LOVE as gifts. Bonus if you are shopping for gifts for boyfriend or gifts for girlfriend because I split the guide into TWO – one for Guys and one for Girls! Just FYI, this post contains affiliate links.


Gift Guide for Millenial Girls (or Gifts for Girlfriend)

Woven Pear Socks

Stay comfy with these A Woven Pear Whale of A Tale Socks. I got a couple of pairs of these at SNAP conf and at Alt Summit this year and boy, are they the comfiest and cutest socks ever! Pretty much good for everything.

A Woven Pear IG

And, A Woven Pear has the cutest Instagram feed you ever did see.

florabunda mobile charger bando

Who says you have to go black or white to charge your phone? This ban.do Floral Mobile Charger will look fancy in anyone's purse or laptop bag and no one will be the wiser.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Give that ban.do Floral Mobile Charger something to be all hot and bothered about with the Samsung Galaxy Tab4 tablet for under $150. White is definitely the color to go with and this tablet is all set for ordering wine online and watching Vines about John Cena and #hotlinebling.

Mom Jeans

I'm not gonna argue with the powers that be but if they wanna wear mom jeans, then let them! This updated pair of 1980s acid wash jeans have a super cute cut that's fun and flirty.

Elizabeth Gilbert Big Magic

Give her a boost with Elizabeth Gilbert's hit Big Magic before she even needs it.

makeup bag

Easy to clean and easy to find, this Watchamacallits Make-up Bag (Neon yellow) is a sure fire hit, based on the glowing Amazon reviews! Fill it with some of her favorites or just cold hard cash.

DIsney Magic Band Castle

And speaking of magic, if she loves the Magic Kingdom and Disney parks, then you MUST get her a NEW MagicBand, now available from the DisneyStore!

Lily Pulitzer Navy Planner with elephants

A taste of marrakesh and a touch of gold, this Lily Pulitzer Planner is perfect for planning into the new year.




Get 2016 started off in style with a gorgeous Custom Midori Planner Cover (use code JUSTJP for 15% off). Sabrina Alery hand makes all of these planners to order and they are all stunning! I have this one. The beauty is you can add other planners inside plus notebooks and whatever else you need. It's fully customizable and super smart.

BABW Chewbacca BABW mini Ewok Star Wars

Star Wars NEW Build A Bear Chewbacca and Mini Ewok are here just in time for you to cuddle up for the premiere of the newest Star Wars movie on December 18th. Bonus points for giving this one to her early!

BABW Star Wars Bear Darth Vader with Sword

And if she loves a bad boy, there's always the Build A Bear Darth Vader with Light Saber. Just sayin'…

sweet talk pens bando

Write sweet things with these stocking stuffer worthy ban.do Sweet Talk Pens.

bando but first cofee thermal travel mug

Gift this Instagram worthy But First Coffee Travel Mug with a sweet Starbucks gift card or a box of her favorite tea to tell her “you got this”.

Wine Folly

She probably already knows more about wine than you do but just in case, get Wine Folly, a guide to everything you need to know about wine.

lip shit graperuit rose hip

Soft lips are oh so important but don't go for Chapstick and good lord do not put LipSmackers in her stocking. Instead, do this: Lip Shit Grapefruit Rosehip

HEYS NYC Luggage hardsides

Send her home in style with this Heys Fernando Volken Togni Cities – New York 30″ Luggage that is the most adorable thing I have ever seen but still classy and modern enough to be taken seriously.

Now it's time to spend a little bit of attention on the guys. Guys are so hard to buy for and then a Millenial guy? We've got you covered with our gift guide so keep on reading and clicking!


Gift Guide for Millenial Guys (or Gifts for Boyfriend)

Shel Silverstein The Giving Tree

A friend of mine told me her son asked for this just before he left for college: Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree A classic to be sure, it's a read he will cherish.

evidence bag

Keeps coins, nail clippers, and other what-nots in this fun Evidence Bag Zipper Pouch. Super discreet.

Keurig Kold

For a guy who loves soda, Keurig Kold is a better sleeker way to get your sip on. Also, it leaves more room in the fridge for beer.

Netgear Unite ATT Hotspot

Stay connected, always with an AT&T Unite Express for GoPhone mobile hotspot by NETGEAR! This hotspot makes a great gift because there's no contracts or recurring monthly fees. Just load it with data when you need it by purchasing data online or data cards available at most major retailers. You can include a few reload cards in the gift box so your guy can stay connected for gaming, work, and while traveling. Katie and I got one earlier this summer and used it to stay connected on a road trip we took from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. Starts at $79.99 with no annual contract, no credit check, and no monthly commitment. Get it at: Amazon, BestBuy, Target, Walmart. Get more info about data charges here.

PRIZE Tablet Holder Walnut Hollow

Rustic and made in the USA, this rough hewn tablet holder from Walnut Hollow is sleek, compact, and a great statement piece on his desk or at home. (psssstt! you can win this in our giveaway at the end of this post!)

Copper Beer Stein

Moscow Mules are cool but drinking beer from a copper beer stein is, well, just better.

Beard Jealousy

If he's the kind of guy who is still rocking a beard best give him the Billy Jealousy Beard Kit. Because.

meku wood watch

This Meku Men's Zebra Wood Watch has the look of the fancier wood watches but starts at about $70.

Cards against humanity expansion pack

He already has Cards Against Humanity so now get him this Expansion Pack.

Beyerdynamic best headphones 2015

Voted one of the best headphones of 2015 by cnet, these Beyerdynamic Headphones have a retro look with incredible sound.

Clarks beeswax desert boot

Stay warm and hike the urban landscape with classic and timeless desert boots like these beeswax boots by Clark's.

Kombuch abook

Home brew your own Kombucha with this recipe book.


Stay warm and get in on the classic version of the plaid trend with a genuine Pendelton shirt.


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Thanks again for stopping by!

Be sure to check out all the other fabulous gift ideas from my friends!

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  1. The hardest person to buy for is my grandfather – he’s one of those people who already has everything he needs. I usually try to get personalized gifts for him like artwork I’ve made or engraved household items.

  2. So, I really want to go and get those Build-A-Bear Star Wars Bears!! My Husband and daughters really love Star Wars! I personally like the Lily Pulitzer Planner and the Disney Magic Band! Thank you for sharing your guides! They are awesome!

  3. Great list! My grandparents are always the hardest to shop for. I always end up getting them gift certificates or food items.

  4. The hardest person to buy for is my mom. I try to keep an ear to the ground through out the year of something she would like, but most of the things I catch her admiring are out of my price range. She has expensive taste!

  5. I always have difficulty buying for my husband since he pretty much buys what he wants when he wants anyway. It’s more helpful when he gives me suggestions on what he wants and then I pick…this year he wants either a remote for his stereo or one of those ancestry blood line things done that shows you where your family history originates.

  6. My husband is the hardest to buy for. I have not decided on what to get him yet, but I found a few tool type ideas I like from the guides.

  7. My husband is always the hardest to shop for. He’s so content and happy, it’s great that he’s not into material things. But doesn’t make it easy for me to shop for him! lol. I’m buying him a new iPod this year with more storage, he loves music and I know he’ll appreciate it.

  8. My mom is difficult to buy for. She likes gardening, but I never know what she needs. I’m going to get her a gift card to Home Depot!

  9. My husband is so hard to buy for. He squawks if I spend too much and never gives me ideas. I like the watch you shared!

  10. My mom is always the hardest to shop for. I am going to make her something with my Cricut machine. I am going to get my son the Build a Bear Mini Ewok, though! He is too cute!

  11. My dad is usually the hardest person to shop for. He has no hobbies, so it really makes it difficult to find the right present. I usually just ask him what he wants. Not sure what I’m getting his this year, but the gift guides have definitely given me some ideas.

  12. Most difficult to buy for is both my son and my husband. I think the Chewbacca will be on both their list 🙂 Thanks for the ideas.

  13. The hardest person to buy for is my step dad. However, the gift guide for the woodworker was really helpful in giving me gift ideas.

  14. My daughter is the hardest, she never gives us hints. She said she is always happy with what Santa brings & know he will find the right one! LOL

  15. I do like the gift guides, gives me plenty of ideas. I am a single dad raising 5 kids an I’d say my oldest daughters (twins) are most difficult. At the age they want to choose their own clothing and everything else.

  16. My 17 year old sister is so tough. She has everything she likes already. But these tips help!! Might take her to get mani pedis.

  17. My parents are the hardest so I usually get them a gift card for the grocery store and local restaurant.

    1. Awesome! if she likes crafts, maybe go to her fave YouTube channels to find what they are using. I like socraftastic.

  18. My husband is, he always says don’t buy him anything so I rack my brain trying to figure something out. You have gave me some great ideas to make my shopping easier this year, thanks!

  19. My mister is the hardest person to buy for. He is such a selfless sweetheart and would much rather I spend the money on myself or someone else. I will be buying him a new pair of winter boots and fun stuff from Stewart-MacDonald.

  20. Everyone on my list is difficult. My husband is probably the pickiest, but it’s hard to get just the right gift for my mom, sisters, and children. I think my husband would like some of the things on your list. The Keurig KOLD looks interesting. I wonder when they will start making home brewed beer.

  21. Your gift guide was very helpful! Gave me some good suggestions. I think my husband is the hardest to shop for. He never gives me any hints as to what he wants. I’m still searching for that special something for him for this holiday season!

  22. My mom. She has everything. She seems to appreciate gifts from the heart the most – so I am praying about something unique to put together for her. Year before last we had everyone we knew write her a note and put them in a jar for her to pull out each day. I still have yet to top that!

  23. Great ideas, thanks for sharing. My husband would be the hardest to shop for because he is very picky, but we don’t buy gifts for each other any more – we don’t really need more stuff 🙂

  24. My dad is the hardest person to buy for, but I think he would really enjoy the craftsmanship of the Meku Men’s Zebra Wood Watch.

  25. My dad is still the hardest for me to buy for. All of his hobbies are expensive or odd and he goes and gets anything that he decides he needs.

  26. I would like the wood burning tools for my daughter, but I would like 3 Piece Clock Kit. A new project idea for me! 🙂

  27. The hardest person to shop for is my 20 year old son, I never know what he’ll like. This guide is great, he’ll love the beard kit and the shoes are just his style!

  28. It’s hard to figure out what to get my parents. I think we’re going to get them a new ice cream scoop. Fun, I know.

  29. My sisters are the hardest to shop for. They never seem to know what they want! I think they would both love the coloring books though.

  30. My elderly mother is the hardest person to buy for as she as she doesn’t want for much. I am thinking about a new knife set as her knives are really dull.

    1. My daughter’s birthday is right around Christmas too. We started doing more experiences for her because gifts just didn’t seem to do it. Like we get a gift and then have her go do something fun with her friends, like a Disney day. This year we are taking her for a fancy Sunday Brunch.

  31. My hubby is always the hardest to buy items for, he has everything, says he wants nothing! We are still trying to come up with something great, we love all the gift guides they have some fabulous ideas!

  32. The hardest person to buy for is my brother, the gift guide above gave me some good ideas, although I think they were more for me because who doesn’t want a Build A Bear Darth Vader?!

  33. My husband is the hardest! I bought him several shirts last year and he never wore them. The gift helped them to think maybe I should purchase some shoes!

  34. The hardest person on my list is my 16 year old nephew. He like math so I got him a brainteaser game that you can play by yourself. It’s addictive. My son & and husband have been obsessed with the one we have for 3 months now.

  35. Definitely, my Dad is the hardest to buy for. I am planning to give him gift cards this year, so he can get something he really likes.

  36. My Dad is hard to shop for: he’s very picky and I swear I’ve already given him every single Thomas Kincaide jigsaw puzzle ever produced.

  37. My dad is the hardest to buy for. I plan to buy him a new pair of boots.

    Entered the Rafflecopter as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  38. My mother-in-law is the hardest person to buy for. This Christmas I plan on getting her stationary. The gift guides have given me a couple ideas however.

  39. My granddaughter is the hardest to shop for. She’s 9 going on 29! She is in her 4th year of classes with the Houston Ballet, is in the 4th grade but reads on a 9th grade level and is a computer wiz. No pressure over here trying to figure out what she wants!

  40. My son is the hardest to buy for. When he wants something he gets it himself which doesn’t leave much room for gift giving. The gift guide gives me some great ideas, but I still haven’t made a definite decision as to what to give him yet.

  41. My husband is the hardest to buy for, I don’t know what I’ll get him yet. I do see something on here that would be perfect for my artistic sister in law.

  42. The hardest is my mom and I plan to buy her a subscription to a play series at a local playhouse…she’ll love that!

  43. ….oh and, obviously I didn’t get this gift idea here, but yes these gift guides have helped me! Great ideas and really items featured!

  44. My Aunt is really hard to buy for!!! Every year she is the person I hate trying to get a gift for, she has everything and don’t like gift cards.

  45. The hardest person for me to buy for on my Christmas list is my mom. She’s so difficult to please, so and she has a lot of allergies, and dislikes so this year to be safe, I will be buying her gift cards – this way she can go out and buy what she wants, and will actually like!! Love you mom!

  46. It’s a tie between my dad and my boyfriend, They both only buy what they need and can’t think of what they want!

  47. The hardest person to buy for, is my dad. He has everything and doesn’t want anything, but I will buy him some gift cards this year, so he can purchase for himself.

  48. The hardest person to buy for is my daughter Mandy. She is 24 and has a 16 month old baby boy. She is very creative and fashionable and a great mum.

  49. I’m not sure who the hardest person to shop for is for me. I love buying/making gifts, but what I find hard is nailing down who to give people. I find so many great things, narrowing it down overwhelms me. #firstworldproblems This gift guide did help remind me that my husband is in the market for a new watch! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  50. I like the idea of the colouring books – I think we all need some zen these days. My Mom would like one and she’s hard to buy for!

  51. My Dad is the hardest to buy for and I plan on getting him a foodie city tour this year (although there were other great ideas here)!

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