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2 Easy DIY Costumes that are Safe For Work (and Adorable)

If you work in an office environment then you know how challenging it can be to bring the Halloween spirit and still keep it professional. Most of the costumes off the rack are really skimpy, especially for adult women, so I set out to find a few ideas that we can wear with our dignity and professionalism intact while still having fun. Today I am sharing two safe for work costumes ideas that you can wear to work leading up to and including Halloween: Candy Corn Tie Dye Shirt and an easy Monster Costume.


Candy Corn Tie Dye Shirt

This shirt is really easy to make and can be worn again in the summer! All you need are some really basic tie dye skills, a white t-shirt, and Tulip One-Step Tie Dye. Mom can wear this with jeans around town or you can wear it to work with a blazer or nice sweater over top and slacks.


Wash the shirt before starting on this project. I got this one at target on sale for $2.25! (they marked the price wrong so score for me!). You can get a white t-shirt at most stores for under $10 and the beauty of this project is you can choose a shirt that fits you the best. We chose a v-neck because they're more flattering.

Here's how to make a candy corn tie dye t-shirt:

  1. Wet the shirt.
  2. Flatten out the shirt on the table. Starting at the left side, roll it up into a tube shape.
  3. Bind the tube in sections using rubberbands included in the Tulip One-Step Tie Dye Kit.
  4. Add water to the Orange and Yellow Tulip One-Step Tie Dye Kit bottles and shake until blended.
  5. Apply the Tulip One-Step Tie Dye Kit to the shirt to cover, in all of the crevices, to create a tie dye effect.
  6. Roll the shirt in plastic or place in a plastic bag to set for 6-8 hours.
  7. Rinse the excess dye from the shirt and remove the bands.
  8. Wash by itself in the washing machine. Dry and wear!

Here's a video tutorial showing all of the steps to making a Candy Corn Tie Dye Shirt for Halloween:

Supply List:

  • Tulip One-Step Tie Dye in Orange, Yellow
  • White T-Shirt
  • Plastic Bag or Black Plastic Sheeting

Neon Monster Glasses and Gloves

Fun, silly, and quirky, this monster “costume” is really a set of accessories that you can add to your work attire. These accessories are easy to remove so you can look spiffy for your meeting with the boss but you can look fun when chatting it up with coworkers. This is also a great alternative for teens or kids who have schools with no costume policies. If I were working in an office, I would wear this with a neon blouse and black slacks or a skirt so I could coordinate but easily keep it professional when I need to. Monster-Hands-and-Glasses-Cuet-Pose-Teen-Costume-JPriest This costume is fun and easy to wear plus it doesn't cost alot. I found the glasses and the gloves in the $1 Spot at Target this month. You can change the colors to make this costume for a man or boy too – I'd probably use blue feathers without sparkles and get glasses without the eyelashes on them. Monster-Hands-and-Glasses-JPriest

Here's how to make these fun monster glasses and gloves with Aleene's Stretchable Flexible Glue:

  1. Apply a swirl of Aleene's Stretchable Flexible Glue to the top of each glove.
  2. Apply the feather boa to the glue in a swirling motion. Set aside to dry.
  3. Apply a line of Aleene's Stretchable Flexible Glue to the top of the glasses. Apply a piece of feather trim and allow to dry.

Here's a video showing how to make this monster costume from start to finish:

Supply List:

  • Aleene's Stretchable Flexible glue
  • Feather trim
  • Glasses (Target $1 Spot)
  • Gloves (Target $1 Spot)

I hope this gives you some ideas of ways to get dressed up for Halloween AND still keep your job! What's your favorite way to get festive for Halloween?

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