Best find for teens: prom dresses at the new Deseret Industries store in Fontana, CA

Thrift Shop Haul from Deseret Industries – Fontana, CA

Check out my thrift shop haul from the Fontana Deseret Industries store! As promised, here is the video of my haul from the store. After taking out some of the items Katie bought, my total was about $50. I was able to get a whole summer wardrobe for Matthew and lots of great projects for altering. I even scored a ceramic pitcher that I turned into a Mother's Day gift, which my mom loved. Check out all the fabulousness that I found in the store:

Here's a closer look at some of my finds from the store:

Super Thrift Shop find - this gorgeous doll house that a shopper scored during the grand opening of the Deseret Industries store in Fontana, CA.

Best find for teens: prom dresses at the new Deseret Industries store in Fontana, CA

A peek at our haul in the cart at Deseret Industries Fontana.

With over 40000 items, the new Deseret Industries Fontana is a huge thrift shop!

The new Deseret Industries shop in the Inland Empire is located at:

16593 Valley Blvd, Fontana, CA (click for map)

Street view of the new store (it's huge, right?!):

New Deseret Industries location in Fontana, CA

New Deseret Industries location in Fontana, CA

I hope you get a chance to head on over there if you are in the IE. I'm definitely heading back to take a second look at the sports equipment and at some more shorts for Matt. A lady in line also showed me some nice plus size shorts she scored so I might just do a little bargain hunting for myself too! If you see me there, say hi!

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  1. Thrift stores are my favorite!!! And YES you made out like a champ!!! I am loving those dresses! To bad i don’t live closer, I need those blush ones for my brothers wedding in July!!! LOL Great post and great finds! Loves- Madge

  2. This is awesome! I live in NYC so we dont have that store here (at least I havent seen one) but I remember my mom would take me to thrift shops ALL the time when I was younger. We would find some gems in there! thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! I had never been in a thrift store before, but everything you got is in great shape! I specially like the pitcher and the vase you are going to use for the planter. That’s the kind of stuff I would buy.

  4. OMG you got great stuff ! I LOVE thrift stores but have found our local ones not so great lately. My boys are rough on their clothes too, I definately need to go check out this thrift store. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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