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Xaver and I just got finished shopping on Amazon for Prime Day. Amazon's Prime Day is July 12 every year to celebrate the anniversary of the Amazon Prime program. Rather than thinking about what I can get you to click on so I can make money, I was really focused on finding products my family actually needs and filling my own cart for Prime Day. Then it dawned on me: Maybe YOU have some of the same problems as me, that we can solve with cool stuff on Prime Day!!! Here's what to buy on PrimeDay! This post contains affiliate links.

What is Amazon Prime?

First off, we love Amazon Prime. Not only does it save us money on shipping (“Prime” marked items ship free) but we can also access Amazon Prime on our TV. Right now I am in the middle of Season 4 of SUITS, a show I never got into until this year. They have all 6 seasons on Prime! I can also watch current episodes some of my favorite shows, like The Americans, without a cable box or satellite service – I just buy the most current season on Prime. There are lots of programs and movies available for free on Prime as well. Prime membership is CHEAP for what you get. Find out more by clicking the banner above.

What to buy on Amazon Prime Day:

Watch this video to see what we bought on Prime Day!

Now, let's get into those items we bought on Prime Day:

Solar Backpack

What to buy on PrimeDay - Get this solar backpack for back to school - carry books, laptop, and more PLUS charge all your mobile devices, like your phone and tablet.

I shared about the solar backpack we got in THIS POST about solar water heaters. The kids are fighting over who gets that ONE solar backpack so I checked them out on Amazon. Many were over $150 but I found this SOLAR BACKPACK for under $30! 

Water Aerobics Weights

Kiefer Water Aerobics weights

I started getting water physical therapy and they use weights on my legs in the class. THIS is the brand they told me to get so I can do the same exercises at the gym. Because I am overweight, I float well in the water, which means I don't get as much resistance from the work out. And because my legs float, I have a hard time walking or running in the pool. The wieghts help hold your legs down so you can work out and provide more resistance. I am on the 2.5lb weights on each leg for a total of 5 lbs right now. Check with a trainer or physical therapist to see what size weights you need. Some sets have weights where you can change the weight per leg. If you plan on using these in the pool, you have to get weights for underwater otherwise they will rust and get gross. Try these: Keifer Water Weights.

Healthy Pots and Pans

What to buy on PrimeDay - GreenPan Set for HALF OFF!

I love Green Pans but I could only find them locally at Costco and only in the smaller sizes. We cook alot of kale and spinach. We need a big pan to cook it all in because it starts out huge when the leaves are raw and then they wilt down small. We found the big pan we wanted on Amazon but it came in a pricey set of pots. Guess what? Today it was more than 50% off for Prime Day! We just got all new pots and pans for under $100. Green Pan for the WIN!

The Best Bra Ever for Plus Size and Everyday

What to buy on PrimeDay - The best bra for plus size and every day wear.

I am bra challenged. Do you know how hard it is to find a plus size bra in an A or B cup? They have all this padding in them that is uncomfortable, the underwires poke the crap out of my armpit, and the straps dig into my shoulder. I do not have enough stuff for a strap to be digging into my shoulder! LOL I also do not need all that push-up action. I am married, I got the man, I don't need all that false advertising. 

Last month I got this bra from Amazon that was the right size and looked comfortable. It was heaven!! The problem was, they cost a fortune. 

Not any more? On Prime Day they are about $20 each. I got FIVE!! If you are tired of bras not being in size, that don't fit, that have giant chicken cutlet sized pads in the bottom, then check out THIS BRA. It doesn't play like that. Change your bra game by CLICKING HERE.

A Quality Phone Tripod

I got a crappy phone tripod at Best Buy. Guess what? It BROKE! We just got a GorillaPod bendy tripod for $12.99!!

GorillaPod Phone Tripod smaller

Need a heavier duty version? Check out this one: Phone Tripod.

What to buy on PrimeDay - GorillaPod Phone Tripod

The prices change all day long so click the links to get these deals now. You can also click the links then search to find similar or lower priced items.

I hope this gives you some ideas for what to buy on PrimeDay, real stuff that real people like you and me can use! What did you get on Prime Day? Let me know in the comments section 🙂

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