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With Disneyland's 60th Anniversary coming up, I have all things Disney on the brain right now. I created these really fun, Disney-inspired framed art pieces for the Disney Villains Tea Party I threw earlier this year as a way to accent the big blank wall in my front room where the tea party was held. You can create similar art for a party by painting icons and imagery inspired by the party theme. If you're planning a Disney Villains party, then this easy wall art you can make yourself will be perfect!

This piece was inspired by Snow White:

Poison Apple - DISNEY Inspired - Painted by JPriest wm

And this one was inspired by Sleeping Beauty:

Sleeping Beauty Thorns - DISNEY Inspired - Painted by JPriest wm

This pumpkin painting was inspired by Cinderella:

Cinderella Pumpkin Bippity - DISNEY Inspired - Painted by JPriest wm

And this hat painting was inspired by the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland:

Mad Hatter Hat - DISNEY Inspired - Painted by JPriest WM

I framed each painted panel in a Smoothfoam Decor Frame, which you can get for about $40 at local stores such as Walmart and Joann. The frames are lightweight because they are made from foam, not wood. And because they are made from Smoothfoam, the frames are easy to paint over and over again to fit any theme, making them great for party decorations and seasonal decor.

I thought it might be fun to share how I painted these fun art panels for my party, in case you want to replicate them for your own party:

Here are the supplies you'll need for this project:

And if painting is not your thing, please feel free to order prints here: Jennifer Priest on Society 6

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