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I recently watched Honda's new “Space to Dream” commercial for the 2015 Honda CR-V after taking a test drive of the new 2015 Honda CR-V this weekend. The commercial brings together several powerful ideas, manifested in the Honda CR-V, an SUV that gives you “space to dream”. The first idea is that as a parent you need to give your kids the mental and physical space to dream. The second idea is that as an adult, we need to remember our own dreams. How does this relate to a car?

It totally doesn't. And it totally does.

This commerical has already received over a million views on YouTube! Why? Because the idea of dreaming and then staying in touch with those dreams touches our souls. How many times in daily life do you not have time or “space” to dream? We are so busy going from the school yard to baseball practice to the grocery store, watching TV, and then zoning off to bed… do we remember to dream? Not dream of what happened at work or how you're afraid of showing up to a meeting in your underwear. I mean to let loose and really dream.

One of the things I ask other people I meet is to describe to me their ultimate view of success. What do they dream their life could be? Most adults can't do it. Yet the girl in the video, she knew. She knew that she wanted to be an astronaut. With all of the demands on our lives, it is easy to let the world squeeze out our imagination, hopes, and ambitions so that we can concentrate on the day to day tasks that need to be done. As I have watched my kids grow up, it is all too easy for them to learn this habit younger and younger. We now see kids in elementary school stressed out over their grades and music practice, and so on because we are not living in the moment. We have taught them to serve the to-do list. How do we give them to space, mentally and physically, to dream?

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I told my friend Shemaine that I was going to test drive a CR-V and she told me about how practical and dependable her CR-V has been for her family. As she described all of the useful features of the car as well as the extreme value and quality of her experience with it, I was really digging the idea of test-driving the CR-V. As a crafter, I was loving how she shared about how much scrapbooking supplies she could pack inside her CR-V. But then she took a different direction. She described how her family used the CR-V as a perfect beach getaway car, sitting in the back to have dinner after a day at the beach. How often do we focus on the functionality of a car and not the life that car helps us to live?

New 2015 Honda CR-V JPriest

The CR-V is a car you can really relax in, shut yourself away from the worries of the world, and dare to dream. The safety features, such as the cameras that come on when you change lanes as part of the Lane Keeping Assist System and the rearview camera, were incredibly thoughtful. The sleek design also makes it fun to drive. I could see myself driving this car for years and not feeling like a “minivan mom” at all.

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In addition, the gas-saving features and HondaLink® Next Generation™ display help you keep a handle on your fuel usage without worry.  As I test drove the Honda CR-V, I could easily see how the quiet, spacious, and comfortable interior could help us disconnect from our to-do lists and just enjoy the moment.

New 2015 Honda CR-V Test Drive JPriest

I especially loved the on-steering wheel controls that help you keep your attention on the road while controlling things like the volume of the music in the car.

New 2015 Honda CR-V Steeing Wheel Controls JPriest

Kids need space and time to dream, even if it is in the backseat on the way to school or on a Saturday afternoon eating sandwiches to cap off a day at the beach. At the same time that CR-V literally takes you to places where you can make dreams happen, it also provides a respite from the world where you can actually spend a moment in the quiet, comfortable interior to just think. Or you can crank the Pandora radio! All of the technological features such as the on-steering wheel controls help keep parents focused on the road.  I feel like I could easily drive this car, navigate where I am going, and have a conversation with the kids about their dreams for today and tomorrow safely and effectively. That's alot of pieces that have to come together and that's why Honda CR-V is on my shortlist of new cars I'm looking to buy.

How do you find time and space to help your kids dream beyond their to-do lists?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Honda. The opinions and text are all mine.

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