Autumn DIY Projects for Dogs

Autumn DIY projects for dogs - treats and toys to make for your pets in FALL Autumn DIY projects for dogs - treats and toys to make for your pets in FALL

The leaves are changing, school’s back in session, and it’s time to visit the pumpkin patch! With fall in full swing, has a few seasonal DIY projects for your furry friends. Check out these autumn DIY projects for dogs, from making toys to making them special treats … save those pumpkin seeds!

Fall Fabric

Whether you’re making costumes for the kids or wondering what you could create with the spooky Halloween prints at the fabric store, grab a few extra yards for these DIY projects:

Dog Toys: With your favorite October prints, trace and cut various shapes including bones, pumpkins, and leaves. Make sure to cut identical doubles of each shape. Sew the edges together inside out as if you are making small pillows and leave a small opening at one end. Flip the fabric inside out again so the print is showing. Stuff these little toys using scraps of old fabric, fall leaves, or pillow stuffing. If your pup loves a good squeaky toy, stuff one inside!

Seasonal Dog Bed Duvet: Your dog’s favorite bed can be transformed into fall decor with the fabric of your choice. Measure the size and shape of your pup’s bed adding a few extra inches so the cover isn’t too tight. Sew the edges together inside out leaving one end open. You may want to sew a zipper or buttons on the open end. Flip the fabric so the print is showing, and slide on the new duvet!

Doggie Costumes: Perhaps you’re not in the mood to sew up something extravagant for October 31, but you still want your pup dressed up for the trick or treaters. No problem! For small dogs, turn any Halloween baby onesie into an instant dog costume. For larger dogs, turn extra fabric into a cape that can be tied to your dog’s collar. Just don’t leave the candy bowl in paws’ reach!

Fall Goodies

After you’ve finished canning your garden tomatoes, you may have a few extra jars leftover. These make the perfect dog treat containers. Here are a few simple ideas for how to use them:

  • The small 8 or 16 oz. mason jars are great storage containers for dog treats in your car, so you’ll always have a stash on the way to the dog park.
  • Ready to decorate? Tape a large leaf or paper pumpkin cutout on the side of the jar. Paint right over it covering the entire jar. Peel off the leaf or paper cutout leaving a little window into your treat jar! These decorative jars are also perfect for luminaries on your porch. Place a tea candle inside, and let it glow!

  • Raw pumpkin seeds are a special seasonal goodie for your dog treat jar. After you’ve scooped out your carving pumpkin, soak the pumpkin seeds removing the stringy pumpkin goo. After the seeds have dried, crush them right into your dog’s bowl or give them one at a time.

We hope you’ll enjoy one of these DIY projects for a fun-filled fall with all your animal friends!

Written by Tracy Vicory-Rosenquest, community member. Rover is the nation's largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

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Autumn DIY projects for dogs - treats and toys to make for your pets in FALL

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