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Minecraft Super League Recap – He had a blast!

As a parent of a Minecraft miner (is that what you call them?) I can totally relate to this. I bet you can too. If you're here, you're probably the parent of a little human who plays Minecraft and talks about Captain Sparklebubbles and Stumpy Farklenose. Or something like that.

Are you looking for an activity your kids can do to meet new friends, enjoy favorite games like Minecraft, and do it in a safe way? How about PLAYING Minecraft instead of watching other people play Minecraft?  You need to check out Super League Gaming events!


For the last 4 weeks, we've spent every Saturday morning in Pasadena, CA. Matthew and a friend were able to attend a Minecraft tournament organized by Super League Gaming. The games take place inside the swanky posh iPic Movie Theatres underground in downtown Pasadena, CA for about two hours every Saturday for four weeks. After the four week tournament concludes, the kids can level up with their team and continue on in the next level of the tournament.

Walking-to-iPic-Pasadena-for-Minecraft-Super-League-jenniferppriest Playing-Minecraft-Super-League-jenniferppriest

What happens at the tournament?

Matthew and one of the neighbor kids went to the tournament together and were placed on separate teams. Typically they try to keep kids on the teams they signed up on but there were some last minute changes and the kids were separated. I think they had a better time of it because they met new kids and were able to recount their strategies to each other during the car ride home.


What's included?

Each kid receives a T-shirt at the start of the tournament. As they achieve and win different “levels” in the game, they can earn Super League Gaming stickers. The boys each brought their laptops with Minecraft loaded on them to the tournament each week. Preparation was super easy. Super League Gaming sent emails to let us know what to expect, what software and hardware we needed to make sure the kids were prepared, and to let us know what the kids would be doing each week. I felt really informed and prepared. These events are so well organized! At the events, the staff is super helpful and they really work hard to make sure the kids are all having a great time.

Helpful-Staff Playing-at-Minecraft-Super-League-jenniferppriest

What do the parents do?

The parents can stick around in the theatre, hang out in the lobby, or leave and walk around the nearby downtown Pasadena district. The first week, Xaver and I took the kids and walked around downtown, shopped, and had lunch at 800 Degrees Pizza. The next week, Xaver took the boys by himself. The third week I took my laptop and tried to work in the theatre lobby but the wi-fi signal was poor, being that we were 2 stories underground! And the final week I walked to Blick Art Supplies and then to Urth Caffee, where I had brunch, and then back, getting in my 10,000 steps for the day. Some of the parents just hang out in the courtyard above the theatre where there's a Kate Spade store, a fancy candy shop, and a gelato place.

This was the first time we've ever participated in any kind of event like this and Matthew is totally hooked now! We can't wait to sign up for the next Super League Gaming event. There are Super League Gaming events in cities all across the country. Check out the Super League website for more details.

Do your kids love Minecraft? Let me know what you think about trying a tournament, in the comments!

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