7 plaid scarf ideas

I'm a big believer in Alton Brown's philosophy in the kitchen – all the tools and gadgets must have more than one use. The same goes for the closet and the home. So when I saw these gorgeous plaid scarves from Cents of Style, I had to share some great plaid scarf ideas. Classic timeless plaid is gorgeous all year long and can be styled all kinds of ways. And let's not forget decorating with plaid blanket scarves! This post contains affiliate links – when you click and make a purchase from some of the links in this post, the seller pays us a commission. It doesn't cost you anything extra and it helps us keep making awesome projects for you to enjoy!

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6 ways to use plaid scarves

Wear a scarf as a vest

Wear as a vest. Add a belt to define your waist, keep that extra layer handy and pair with your favorite short sleeve top. Add the scarf to your tee and shorts outfit. It will pull together your look, and keep you cozy when those spring and summer breezes kick up.

Decorate a chair with a plaid scarf

Easter is coming up and though this idea from Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll is styled for Christmas, you can do the same thing for Easter and spring. Grab THIS SCARF from Cents of Style and

Wear a scarf as a shawl

With the color options and the ease of adding or removing the layer, a plaid blanket scarf is perfect for those cool spells Spring is known for. Pair it with your favorite dress for a unique, pretty look without wearing a full sweater.

Make a wreath with a scarf

This DIY wreath idea from the Interior Frugalista is genus – use the scarf for decor and then remove it and wear it again! Use spring flowers and colors instead of fall colors to make this wreath perfect for spring or summer.

This similar DIY plaid scarf wreath design from Command Brand by 3M features a foam base instead of wire.

Use your scarf as a mini blanket

Traveling this summer? Airplanes are notoriously chilly and if you're road tripping with someone who turns up the A/C in the car, a blanket scarf is a great solution.  Take it everywhere. A scarf is so easy to toss in your purse and pull out when you are cold. The movies, dinner, the outdoor shopping mall? Headed on vacay? Anywhere you find yourself feeling the chill, the blanket scarf can be there to save the day!

Scarf Table Runner

A scarf works great as a simple table runner. This scarf table runner idea from City Farmhouse is one of six ideas Jen O'Brien shares for using scarves … and with every idea, you can totally wear the scarf again later.

Hang a wreath

Wrap a scarf around a wreath to make a gorgeous wreath hanger. This plaid scarf wreath hanger idea from Your Cozy Home would look amazing in a farmhouse style kitchen or even for 4th of July decor.

Don't forget to shop Cents of Style NOW to get your hands on these amazing scarves at a “2 for” deal!

Whether you are stocking up for next Fall, or if you will be wearing yours all year (like Katie and I), this deal can't be missed!

How will you use your blanket scarf?

Plaid scarf ideas - how to wear plaid scarves, use them as home decor - think table runners, wreath hangers, and more - and make travel easier.

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